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Sachal Sarmast, Sindhi Secular Sufi Poet: The Philosopher, mystic & scholar

“Sachal, Thy friend, suffers in painful afflictions aplenty”

By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom

In the beautiful land of Sindh, there is a beautiful goothu ( a village), Daraazaa. Here in this calm, sanguine, sanctuary of peace and tranquillity stand a monument, a Dargaah, an earthly monument, to that Heavenly Immortal soul, my murshid, my guide Saaeen Sachal Sarmast. The love for the Suufees, Faqeers and Darveishes of this remarkable land of Sindh that is enshrined in every son and daughter of this glorious land of Sindh is really heart-warming, inspiring and touching, indeed.

This paak, pavitar, pure dhartee of Sindh, the Cradle of Civilisations, had given birth to countless Suufees, Saints, Sages, Auliyaas, Avtaars. It is in this glorious land of Sindh that humanity learnt to breathe and take its first step towards emancipation, enlightenment and Eternal Peace, Prosperity and Progress.

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The Urs celebrations of Sachal Sarmast began

The 188th Urs  celebrations of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast (RA) will begin from Sept 5 by laying wreath on the Mazar of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast. This activity will be followed by an Adabi conference the same day. Sachal Yadgar Committee will present shields among the best poet, best singer and best writer.

So long as these so-called holy places,
These raised towers, do not crumble into dust,
So long the path of truth (Haq) cannot be seen clear
Sufi Poet Sachal Sarmast

Festival of Love (Ishk-a-mubaaraka)

gulaghaby Gul Agha, USA

Greetings on the Festival of Love (Ishk-a-mubaaraka): The death Anniversary of Sachal Sarmast (1739-1829). The Full moon is tomorrow 16:05 GMT.. and with it the anniversary celebrated as the Festival of Love.

Kazi burn thy books.

The Master has instructed me:

“Know thyself,” He said.

He taught me the path of heresy.

Some go to Kaaba, others to Kibla,

All these things are mere pretexts.

Why should I turn to Kaaba,

When my Master in tavern dwells?

Be thou [divinely] mad,

Drink deep the wine of madness.

-Sachal Sarmast

– translated by Jethmal Parsram Gulrajani in “Sindh and Its Sufis”, Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras, 1924. 224pp

Some English translations of his poems …can be found at: Heritage: Sachal Sarmast