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Long live Sindh, South Asia and long live the world – Sindh Round Table Conference in London

by: Javed Qazi

London round table conference on Sindh, organized by Sindh Monitors a Washington based advocacy group, whose main activist are Dr Maqbool Halepoto, Dr Safdar Sarki, Hanne Bursech and Mr Munawar Laghari, held from May 5rd to 8th, was indeed a successful event. It was first of all a novel in its format, and it had taken place in one of the prestigious educational Institution of the World, and also in its department of oriental sciences. It was mainly academic and well recognized people in this respect had participated in its different session. Almost all issues and corners of Sindh and its society and about its politics had been discussed. Its all sessions were brain storming. I give the organizers congratulations for its success.

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Will the Roundtable Conference on Sindh’s Problems and Prospects in London achieve any Tangible Results?

by Khalid Hashmani (McLean, Virginia, USA)

The Washington DC-based global advocacy organization “Sindh Monitor” has organized a round table conference on Sindh’s problems and prospects in London, UK from May 5 to May 7. The conference covers various contemporary topics including Heritage Preservation, Education and Curriculum choices, Health and Civics, Political Rights, Human Rights, Economic Growth, Environment, and Networking of NGOs and IGOS (International Government Organizations) . The conference is expected to be attended by delegates from Sindh, Pakistan and other countries. This is the first time that such a conference taking place to examine the multi-dimensional issues and finding their solutions. Many Sindhis and non-Sindhis are curious about what will be said and what will not be said at the conference. They are also anxious whether there will be any positive results or will it be yet another get-together with a lot of talking but nothing much to be followed-up to achieve some tangible results. If one looks at the history of such conferences among Sindhis, some achieve success only on tactical fronts but most fail to achieve anything in strategic terms. However, if a scale of hopes is to be used to measure the expectations from the upcoming conference, there is likelihood that this first large-scale moot of homeland Sindhis and overseas Sindhis may break some historical barriers of weariness and apathy…