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The Taliban Threat

by B. R. Gowani
Courtesy: Globeistan
The Taliban Threat
Let us cross the Iranian border and see the neighboring countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The initial phase of the US war against Afghanistan was a fury of revenge. But when many of the Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters crossed over into the border areas of Pakistan, things changed. Now they were not only defending themselves from the US onslaught, but also started to attack the US; they too wanted to expand their territorial power. They have succeeded; the tribal areas and other territory of Pakistan have come under their control too. Their power is threatening Pakistan’s sovereignty, can they invade Iran? If Pakistan as a country disappears from the world map, it is difficult to predict who will inherit what parts of it. The US war on terror entered a new phase when it realized the growing power of Taliban in Pakistan. The US does not want the WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) to fall into the hands of the Taliban in case they acquire power in Pakistan. But Iran is very aware of the hatred and intolerance the Sunni Taliban have for them. There is a distinct and real possibility that their Shia door will be the next place the Taliban may attack.

Who should worry?

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