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Quebec’s sovereigntist’s short history

1960> The Quiet Revolution in Quebec Spawns a series of independence- minded movements and parties. 1970> The Parti Quebecois, under Rene Levesque, wins its first seats in Quebec’s National Assembly. 1976> The PQ wins a majority of seats and forms the provincial government for the first time. 1980> The PQ holds a referendum on sovereignty association.. 1982> Canada repatriates the Constitution, collapses Lucien Bouchard quits the federal cabinet and founds the Bloc Quebecois. 1992> The Charlttetown Accord, another attempt to reform the Constitution, is jejected in a countrywide referendum. 1993> The Bloc Quebecois wins enough seats nationally to be the offical opposition in the House of Commons. 1995> A second referendom is held on sovereighty. It is narrowly defeated by 50.6% to 49.4% (one vote). 1999> The federal government passes the Clarity Act setting out terms under which it will recognize a province’s right to leave the federation.

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