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Be aware

Khalid Hashmani
Khalid Hashmani

Supporters of Dictatorship want to ban Elections and install a Military Constituted Decision Making Unit (DMU)
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Mr. Khalid Hashmani can be reached at khashmani@hotmail.com

Be aware and on lookout for supporters of dictatorship who want to ban elections and install a military imposed Decision Making Unit (DMU) in Pakistan. I am noticing increased activity by these enemies of people’s rights who have always supported dictators. The e-mails such as below are being sent to thousands of Pakistanis as an accessory to the plot to revert Pakistan to the dark days of military dictatorship. These people have been wedging vicious propaganda against PPP and ANP governments and calling on  Military to ” intervene in a “CLASSIC” manner”.

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Better to have some debate than not!

By Sarwar Bari
Better to have some debate than not having any as it informs us about various perspectives and their shades. Yet, it is important to know/search who is going to capture what and how much from such debates? Since, background of some writers and their politics remains hidden from the readers, it is difficult to judge them and to know their intentions and politics.In my view, therefore sheer anti-imperialist sloganeering or even actions do not deserve my support. My reasons is my value-humanism and freedom. We have/had so many anti-imperialists now and in the past who were/are fascists like Hitler, Khomeini, Pol Pot and now Taliban and Alqaida. We must know
that within 3 weeks of so-called retrogressive/ reactionary revolution, Iranian mullahs killed more than two thousand Communists, they still don¹t allow any freedom to its critics. In whole of Shah¹s rule only 345 communists were killed. So both pro-imperialist Shah and anti-Imperialist mullahs in my view were fascists and anti-freedom.
Also, I must cite here example of Enoch Powel a great racist and anti-imperialist of the UK.

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Pakistan: Tales from the thinktank

Tales from the thinktank
A brilliant analysis of Pakistan incorporates past and present politics, says Mohammed Hanif
• Mohammed Hanif
• The Guardian,
• Saturday October 11 2008
In the introduction to his third book on Pakistan, Tariq Ali quotes a friend who asked if it wasn’t reckless to start a book about the country when the dice were still in the air. Ali’s reply: he would never have been able to write anything about Pakistan if he had waited for the dice to fall. Ali has had an uncanny record of foreseeing the way things are going. In his 1969 book Pakistan: Military Rule or People’s Power he foretold the imminent break-up of Pakistan, a shocking prediction at the time which came true within two years. In the 80s, Can Pakistan Survive? caused outrage within the Pakistani establishment, but two decades later, on the cover of every current affairs magazine and in every TV talk show, not only is Pakistan being branded the most dangerous place on earth but it has even been suggested that the world’s end is being planned there.

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How Sindh will survive economically, politically, and culturally in the next 100 years

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

The article of New York Times pertains to extremely important development that could impact how Sindh survives economically, politically and culturally in next 100 years. Any thoughtless support or irrational opposition to the upcoming actions of the federal or provincial governments could be harmful to the interests of Sindh. In the immediate future, educated Sindhis should get prepared to collect data, analyze data, and take well thought-out and rational actions to safeguard long-term interests of Sindh. The news about the sale of substantial interests in the Qadirpur Gas field in Sindh and other assets of Sindh (the second largest Gas field Pakistan) has been in industry publications for couple of weeks. The following provides links and brief extracts from those news items:

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They will be back in power soon

By Gul Agha, Champaign, Illinois, USA

When it comes to security, war on terrorists, .. nuclear weapons, Defence budget, trial of Musharraf or any general or officer,  etc., the PPP has no control or authority.  People should not assume that PPP is “in power” as in a normal country, that it can promote an agenda of peace and prosperity, education and welfare, health and development, by refocusing the resources of the state.

Saaiin Zardari apologized to the Baloch not surprisingly, his party govt. is unable to stop the security forces’ operations in Dera Bugti or account for all the disappeared.   They will dance to the tune of the military as their only other choice is to “disappear.”   The security forces and agencies are allowing the PPP to play because they want to allow some relief to angry Sindhis who almost unanimously declared “… kona khape”… so now they can postpone Kalabagh,  Sindh govt. can try to protect more Sindhi villages from being demolished, and do a few things like that..  

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Opinion: General’s last speech – Audacity of Shame

By Iqbal Tareen

As I watched Retired General Pervez Musharraf descending into the darker side of history he appeared to be angry and filled with venom. He lifted his hands in the air and said “Pakistan Kaa Khuda hafiz” meaning only God can now save Pakistan. What a bitter thing to say and wish for a nation that he claimed to be very dear to his heart. His words spoke volumes about typical mindset of a despot who assumes that with the fall of his dynasty the sun will never rise again and the life on earth will freeze for ever. Many around me protested saying that his last words were unbecoming of anyone who held such a high office in the nation.

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