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The most dangerous Poem by Pash, Translation Manzur Ejaz

The most dangerous

To be robbed of your labor is not dangerous

Thrashing by the police is not dangerous

Treachery and the trickery of greed are not the most dangerous

To be wasted sleeping…..is bad

To be mesmerized by a deaf silence ….is bad

However, this is not the most dangerous

In the noise of deceptions

To be silenced while being right..Is really bad

Start reading in the light of a fire worm ….is too bad

To keep living while extremely anguished ….is also bad

But it is not the most dangerous thing

The most dangerous is

To remain filled with dead peace

Losing the edginess and tolerate everything

To get out of the home for work

And after work return home

The most dangerous is the death of dreams

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