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Awami Tahreek’s LONG MARCH started..Emotional scenes observed

Ayaz Latif Palijo President Awami Threek
Ayaz Latif Palijo President Awami Threek

Kandhkot: Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement’s) national Long March started from Kandhkot on 8th October and reached at Karampur. The march is organized against ongoing unemployment, price-hike, terrorism, lawlessness and acute shortage of water in Sindh. Renown intellectual and Awami Tahreek’s chief, 80 year old cardiac patient, Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo, newly elected Central President of the party and Human Rights lawyer Ayaz Latif Palijo, General Secretary Muhammad Khan Bhurgri, Syed Alam Shah and former central president Qadir Ranto are leading the 46 days long protest long march. Thousands of brave women and men passing through the tribal no-go-areas of Kandhkot, Ghouspur and Karampur raised slogans for complete provincial autonomy, major share in NFC an implementation on 1940 resolution and against tribalism, jirga system, lawlessness, KARO KARI, SANG CHATTI, water shortage and discrimination against Sindhis in Karachi. Hundreds of workers of JSQM, Tarqi Pasand PArty, Jamait Islami and PPP Shaheed Bhutto also joined the workers of Awami Tahreek.

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Peaceful Protest for victims of religious violence in Pakistan

Pakistani American Christian Coalition and Pakistani American Congress is arranging a peaceful protest in front of Pakistani embassy and White House on Thursday, August 13 at 11:00 AM. A bus has been arranged, which will leave Columbia, MD in the morning. Please attend this rally to show solidarity with our fellow Pakistani Christian people and to demonstrate that hate crimes by a few do not represent the mindset of 160 Million peoples of Pakistan.

SUP rally attacked by Police and Ragners, one killed, 4 injured, Zain Shah arrested

Jamshoro – Private TV channels ARY News and Express News are reporting that police has resorted to baton charged and airiel firing on protesters of Sindh United Party (SUP) activists who were protesting against arrival of outsiders in province of Sindh. SUP stages a big demo on Super highway, blocking traffic for hours.

Police and rangers arrested several activists including party’s General Secretary Syed Zain Shah. Hearing this news of arrest, party activists blocked National High Way and Super high way. ARY News showed live footage of police beating and firing on workers, several workers were picked up by rangers and police after beaten on super high way.

Workers continue to block National High way at Jamshoro Phatak, while Rangers and Police are clearing the super high way for traffic. TV channels report police have registered cases of treason against activists of SUP.

According to reports rallies against settlement of displaced people in Sindh have been peaceful, Sindh Taraqi Pasand Parrty (STP) has announced to stage Sit-in on June 10 at Chief Minister’s house in Karachi and another Sit-in on Sindh Punjab border on June 17.

Political parties in Sindh have been of the opinion that influx of Internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Malakand operation area, where Pakistan army is fighting Taliban militants, would convert Sindhis into minority in their own motherland as millions of illegal aliens are already residing in Sindh. Afghan migrants of 1980s still have not gone back to their country. New wave of migration would do a big blow to the demography and culture of the Sindh.

Politics, economy, business and culture of Karachi, the capital of Sindh, is already dominated by non-Sindhis.

4 June 2009.

Dr. Lakhu Luhana of World Sindhi Congress expressed his solidarity with Baloch people

Report by: Information Secretary Ali Memon
March 29th , 2009
Press release- Interfaith international with the collaboration of UNPO, Baloch Human Rights Council, World Sindhi Congress, Sindhi Baloch Forum and Balochistan Rights Movement held a peaceful protest rally on Friday 20 March 2009 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm in front of the United Nations office in Geneva Switzerland. The slogans on the placards high lighted various aspects of human right violation.
A conference on Human Rights situation in Balochistan was also held in the UN conference room at 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm ,chaired by interfaith international president Mr. Charles Graves.
Senator Sana Baloch presented a detailed graphic accounts of injustices, atrocities, human rights violations, political, social deprivations, abduction & extra judicial killing of Baloch civilians including women & children, Target killing of Baloch leaders and Baloch intellectuals by the State.

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