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Taluka Pano Akil- High Negligence of Education Department

Letter to Editor – by Rahmat Ali

It is informed that I visited a village with my friends. The village’s name is “That” Mullali U.C-43 Taluka Pano Akil District Sukkur Sindh. There was a big structure of school but it wasn’t working/ functioning. It also didn’t have a single teacher for providing education to the children’ of the above village. When we asked Mr. Jeedan & Mr. Gumtar, the villagers, they informed us that the teachers are posted by the Government but no teacher is coming/providing education services to their children for a long period of time. It is a high negligence by Sindh Education Department with the villagers as well as their children. Therefore, I request to the high-ups of education department to take necessary action against the posted teacher and their heads that are not coming when they are supposed to be. I hope the Sindh Education Department will give an urgent attention to this matter.

January 27, 2009