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We Don’t Belong To Pakistan, Pak Army Is Not Ours. We Want Separate Sindh” – Pir Mazhar Ul Haq

PIR MAZHAR is talking about Pakistan’s disintegration – Instigating Sindhis to break Pakistan. Sindh has never witnessed such a h——-. He exploited genuine Sindhi sentiment for a sovereign and prosperous Sindh. He is a senior minister now, dreaming to be the next chief minister with MQM support. The language of the video clip is Sindhi & urdu (Hindi).

Video clip adopted from facebook → YouTubeSiasat.pk

Anna effect? Burney to launch anti-graft movement in Pakistan

Islamabad, Aug 22: Pakistani rights activist Ansar Burney said today (Aug 22) he would launch a campaign against corruption and terrorism in his country after Eid-ul-Fitr, mirroring an anti-graft drive by Anna Hazare in India that has gained thousands of followers.

Pakistan is confronting a “dire and painful period in its history, with rampant and continuously growing corruption and terrorism destroying every fabric of our nation and any prospects of a decent future for our children and grandchildren”, Burney said in a statement.

Burney made no reference to Hazare, whose movement has captured the public imagination in India, but said his movement would get underway after the Islamic festival of Eid-ul-Fitr that will be celebrated at the end of this month.

“It is now up to civil society to take steps to rid the country of this evil before it is too late, and the Ansar Burney Trust will kick-start a massive anti-corruption campaign and anti-terrorism movement following Eid as a first step towards saving our country,” he said.

Burney said his proposed movement is aimed at bringing “the nation together and making a stand that corruption will no longer be tolerated”. ….

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The 22nd International Conference on Sindh, London, UK

London: World Sindhi Congress ( WSC ) is organising their 22nd International Conference titled ‘the National Self Determination of Sindh’ in the Context of International Peace and Security on Saturday, 9th October 2010, in London, UK. The conference will be held at Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, London E3 3HJ UK. Rubina Greenwood, PhD, Program will Chair, the International Conference on Sindh.

May 31, 2010

Will Sindhu River disappear forever from the soil of Sindh??

By Gul Karamchand
…True, the Songs of Rg Veda, the world’s first and foremost literature, echo and re-echo as they sing with ecstasy and delight of Sindhu River Here is one verse out of many: “Sindhu’s roar rises high above the earth, right up to the heavens above. . . Sindhu leads all other rivers just as a warrior-king leads the rest of warriors . . . Rich in fine steeds is Sindhu; Rich in gold; nobly fashioned is Sindhu; rich in ample wealth is Sindhu.

But the Question does arise : Do we know the destiny of Sindhu River? Or to put this question simply: How Long will Sindhu River continue to flow through Sindh? Or, is it fated to disappear in the near future? Will my grand children, and yours, visiting Sindh, be able to view this once- great and majestic river

For the Rg-Vedic poets, the rivers par excellence were the Sindhu and Saraswati which are mentioned repeatedly, respectfully and glowingly in the Vedas. In fact, no other river has been mentioned in Rg Veda as often as Sindhu and Saraswati. The Veda refers to the Ganga (Ganges) only twice, but it makes as many as thirty references to the Sindhu and Saraswati Rivers. The mighty Sindhu (Indus) river symbolizes the power and permanence of the ancient civilization of the subcontinent which evolved over a period of thousands of years. It is the oldest name in Indian history – and in Indian geography. This is the great Sindhu that gave Sindh and Hind — its name. In Ramayana, Sindhu is referred to as “Mahanadi”, which means “the great mighty river”. In Mahabharat, the Sindhu is reverentially mentioned along with other two holy rivers -Saraswati and Ganga.

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Washington Sindhis Celebrate Sindhi Topi Day

Washington Sindhis Celebrate Sindhi Topi Day and debate Issues and Opportunities faced by Sindhis

By Khalid Hashmani

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Washington, DC – Several Sindhis living in Washington, DC gathered at a local restaurant in Arlington to join their compatriots in Pakistan who celebrated Sindhi Topi (Cap) Day. The event was in reaction to malicious criticism of Pakistani President Asif Zardari, who wore a Sindhi cap while inspecting Guard of Honor in Afghanistan by some members of Pakistani media. Although, Mr., Zardari and the People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP) have lost much credibility among Sindhis, Mr. Zardari is himself of Sindhi origin. The attendees at the Washington DC moot, who wore Sindhi caps and Sindhi Ajraks (a traditional shawl worn by men either as turban or wound around shoulders, and women as shawl), attracted attention from other patrons of the restaurant. The Sindhi attendees proudly explained the purpose of the celebration and briefed them on Ajrak, a form of which was depicted in the excavations of a city that existed 5,000 years ago. The local Sindhis also discussed recent news from Sindh and debated strategies for protecting their culture, language, and identity.

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State of Union of Pakistan 62 years later

By Khalid Hashmani, USA

Can any Pakistani honestly say that Pakistan has turned out to be the country that they or their fathers had envisioned 62 years ago? Even among the privileged class such as military and civilian bureaucracy, who have been the primary beneficiaries of what has cooked and re-cooked in Pakistan, would admit that it is not all fair in Pakistan. Many Baloch demonstrated on the 62nd Independence Day under the banner that said, “De-celebrating the Pakistan’s Independence Day”. Many Sindhis either stayed out of the Independence Day celebrations or made comments such as “Pakistan Zindabad. Jeay Sindh Dharti. May Allah this year give true autonomy to all provinces so all can live in peace” or “May Allah bless all people of Pakistan and show right path to the leaders.” “30 Lakh Bangaliyoon ka qat’l Mubarik, Hazaroon Balouchoon ke Laa’sh Mubarik, Senkroon Sindhi Ma’aoon kee Ujree Jholia’an ke Mubarak”, and “I am a Sindhi – a Hindu Sindhi, with roots in Hyderabad, Sindh, in modern day Pakistan. I cannot celebrate the creation of Pakistan – because August the 14th stands as a reminder that my family was uprooted”. The world calls Pakistan as the “hub for planning and training terrorists and global terrorism”. Hundreds of Pakistanis are dying each month on account of terrorism. Minorities feel unsafe and common men and women feel oppressed. Indeed, one wonders what went wrong and why it went wrong and what can be done to steer Pakistan on the right path? This article attempts to answer both of these questions.

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aliakbardhakanBy: Dr. Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

The writer can be reached at – drdhakansindheconomist@hotmail.com

We Sindhis have sacrificed a lot as we have lost many political leaders since partition… Every language has its own importance and status in every country. We feel pride if we speak Punjabi in Punjab, Pushto in Pakhtunkhawah, Siraiki in Multan and surrounding areas, Balochi in Balochistan and Sindhi in our own motherland. But we being Sindhi speaking in Sindh, have not been so careful to save our own language even in our own motherland, not only outsiders have neglected, but even our own Sindhis, have neglected speaking Sindhi language in the right dialect and pronunciation. The aged Sindhis born before Pakistan, speak Sindhi somewhat in its proper dialect but sorry to say with greater grief and sadness that even we being elders of our families have never given attention towards our generations and future children to speak in proper pronunciation and according to the alphabet as the new born children particularly born in the big cities of Sindh like Karachi, Hyderabad and other big towns, I have not learnt the right dialect of the Sindhi language because of being spoken generally Urdu/Hindi and English in the elite families of Sindhis. It is not common in these homes where the mothers of our children are non-sindhis and do not speak the Sindhi language, they do not try to let their children speak in Sindhi. Most of our elite Sindhis families themselves do not allow their children to talk in their own language and therefore avoid speaking their own language. I have an example of Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, the Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan who used to say that she hated to speak in Sindhi even being the daughter of an old bureaucrat of Sindh. Even Mr.A.G.N Kazi, former Governor State Bank of Paksitan did not talk to me deliberately in Sindhi when I used to talk to him in Sindhi. When he was requested to preside over a conference on Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai arranged by Sindhi Officers’ Union in State Bank, Mr. Kazi asked them as to who was Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai as he did not know about Bhittai. There is another story about him that once in the State Bank meeting, he told me that he was basically Sindhi but his wife was a Hindustani immigrant and his two children had married in Punjab so he became 25 percent Sindhi, 25 percent Hindustani and 50 percent Punjabi.

So, it is the position and attitude of our own Sindhis who have proved to be the enemies or careless towards their language which is called Mother Tongue and the paradise is under the feet of mother. It can be termed that he who neglects the mother tongue, is devoid of mother’s paradise and honour. He can be termed as not real son of the soil but son of aliens. I must point out that the children of all Sindhis born in Karachi and other cities of Sindh, are getting education in other languages, therefore they are not in a position to write in Sindhi. They cannot even express the typical letters of Sindhi language in right dialect and sound. They speak Sindhi language grammatically wrong and their sound of speaking does not match with their own mother tongue Sindhi.


The Unplanned Revolution:

Observations on the processes of Socio-economic change in Pakistan

Introduction by: Zulfiqar Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh

It is indeed a very pleasant news to share with you that a new 350 pages book of Dr Arif Hasan is published by Oxford university press titled “The Unplanned Revolution: Observations on the processes of Socio-economic change in Pakistan”

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Farah Pandith Made Kashmiri People Proud with her Achievement: Dr. Fai

Washington, DC, June 27th, 2009. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center, lavished praise on Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for her prudent decision in honoring a Kashmiri American, Farah Pandith, as the United States Representative to the Muslim World. Dr. Fai stated ‘Farah Pandith comes from a deeply respected family and her grandfather was known as an honorable businessman in the Valley of Kashmir. We wholeheartedly congratulate her on this achievement and are confident she will brilliantly fulfill her responsibilities.’

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Why Sindh’s share in Oil & Gas royalty reduced?

questby: Ahmed Mushtaq

Sindh to suffer Rs. 7.78 billion losses over royalty transfers in new Budget

Mohison Babar, Islamabad based journalist, in his latest article in Sindhi Daily “Kawish” has disclosed that Sindh’s share from Gas and Oil royalty is being reduced since a year. In new fiscal year 2009-10 further slash is estimated in the budget documents of the federal government.

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Sindh Nationalists block highway near Sindh-Punjab border

sindh_nationalistNationalists block highway near Sindh-Punjab border

Courtesy: daily dawn, Monday, 08 Jun, 2009

SUKKUR: Hundreds of workers of nationalist parties held a demonstration and a sit-in on the National Highway at Kamoon Shaheed on the Sindh-Punjab border near Ubauro on Sunday in protest against large-scale influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) into Sindh.

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Washington DC Protest Rally against brutal killing of Baluch Leaders

Washington DC- Various Baluch and Sindhi organization representatives will hold a protest rally in front of the Pakistan Embassy at 3517 International Court, NW, Washington DC on Friday, April 17 at 10.30 a.m.
The protest rally has been organized against the Nazi-style execution of three prominent Baluch activists Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, President of the Balochistan National Movement (BNM); Lala Munir Baloch, General Secretary of the BNM; and Sher Mohammed Baloch, Deputy General Secretary of the Balochistan Republican Party.

The state has given up

Courtesy: Daily Times Editorial
April 6th, 2009
President Asif Ali Zardari has “ordered an inquiry” into the public flogging of a 17-year-old girl in Swat, and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken his famous suo moto notice by asking the IGP NWFP to produce the girl in court. But we all know nothing can be done against the Taliban who did the evil deed, and that the girl will not come to the court unless the Taliban allow it. More likely, she may be killed instead of being allowed to attend the CJ’s court. As for the ANP government, it had better look after Peshawar because it is once again under siege from the Khyber warlord.

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Article Six of the constitution of Pakistan

by Muhammad Saleem Jami
Since long politicians of Pakistan, specially Mr. Nawaz Sharif, his party leaders, Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, journalist, anchorss and thier followers and many others are urging, pressing and demanding the government or parliamnet to fix the General Pervez Mushraf Under Article Six and this is true, correct and appropriate demend from the people and politicians that the General Pervez Mushraf had abrogated, conspired and subverted the constitution by inserting the 17 th amnedement and other unconstitutional acts and he is guilty of doing high treason but prior demanding this one should remember and keep it in his mind that article six has sub articles too and for your convenience I reproduce the Article Six of Constitution as under:-
6. (1) Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subverts the constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

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Explosions at the tomb of Afghan Poet Rahman Baba

by Zar Ali Khan Musazai, Peshawar
This was shocking news to hear that terrorists and miscreants bombed the holy tomb of the Pashto language greatest mystic poet Rehman Baba situated in Hazar khwani village of Mahmand tribe of Pashtun/Afghan in the south of Peshawar city. It was about 5pm when my eyes suddenly opened due to a big bang of the explosion.

Terrorism can’t be fought with terrorism

Mumbai Tragedy and its impact on Pak-India Relationship

Terrorism has no nationality or a religion

by: Iqbal Tareen, USA

Our brothers and sisters in India became victims of the similar insane and inhuman attacks that our people in Pakistan have been subjected to for a long time. The blood of innocent men, women, and children that is shed in both countries makes us brothers and sisters in blood.

Our common enemy is trying to turn our nations into a cloud of smoke. Can we find common grounds to fight back this threat? There are political groups in both countries, which are taking an unholy advantage of this tragedy to settle their own narrow political and ethnic accounts.

We know terror can’t be fought with terror just the way you can’t wash dirt with the dirt. We also know every Pashtoon is not a terrorist and every terrorist is not a Pashtoon. We can’t allow gang violence in Pakistan to substitute state power and legal governance.

This is a wake up call for all who have decided to take a sideline. History will not absolve them and will remember them with an unkind headline. I urge you to join us in this historic meeting of Forum for Justice and Democracy at Sadaf Restaurant, 1327 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 to take a stand against violence and terror.

Join us to send a strong message that we are watching and so is the world. We will not tolerate intolerance that continues setting communities and nations against each other.


By Wajid Shamsul Hasan, London

London, August 14: When I unfurled Pakistani flag on the Independence Day at Pakistan High Commission in London I was overwhelmed by a strange feeling of happiness that I never had before. Every one of us present on the occasion realised that this time Independence Day was being celebrated at the dawn of real democracy in Pakistan.


We welcome PPP Govt decision about Kalabagh Dam

If these are firm and resolute decisions, then the people of Sindh welcome the announcements with regard to Kalabagh Dam & Sindh Public Service Commission. We wholeheartedly support it. It is good to celebrate this day of positive announcements by PPP and it is high time when Mr. Zardari, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Mr Asfandyar Wali and other party leaders should set more realistic goals for increasing the pace of development and justice. Now the coalition Govt will have to address the issues of NFC and provincial autonomy. Otherwise it would be a disappointment that a govt whose main mandate was to change the policies of injustice, unemployment, inflation and oppression, is ignoring the main issues and has been busy in transfers and postings. Once again I would like to congratulate Raja Pervez Ashraf and PPP leadership and would like to forward my earlier mail with a hope that PPP leadership and civil society would plan the strategy to materialize these suggestions, Ayaz Latif Palijo said to media.

Sindh Agenda

1. Formation of Malir, Lyari, Ibrahim Haidry and Gaddap Districts.

2. Resolution for Establishment’s apology for murder of ZA Bhutto,

Akbar Bugti, Nazeer Abbasi, Yousif Jakhrani, Lala Asad, Murtaza Bhutto, Ayaz

Samon, Nawaz Kanrani, shaheeds of Shah Bandar, 12th May, Thoree Phatak and

for all martyrs of MRD operation, Balochistan Operation and Wana operation.

3. Restoration of old Hyderabad district or at least merger of District

Matiyari with Hyderabad.

4. Restoration of rural area seats in DMC and NED.

5. Establishment of students and working women hostels at Karachi,

Quetta, Peshawar and Hyderabad for rural population.

6. After restoration of old Judiciary new merit-based appointments of

indegenious Judges in High Courts and Hon Supreme Court.

7. Issuance of lease to 700 villages in and around Karachi.

8. Opening up educational / employment opportunities for old residents

of Karachi in Kiyamari, Yari, Maleer, Gaddab and launching of projects in

poverty stricken areas like Ibrahim Haidry, Gaddap and Kiyamari .

9. Independent inquiry into the May 12 killings, October 18 and

December 27 blasts..

10. Legislation against illegal immigrants.

11. Legislation for appointment of meritorious rural youth in corporate and

private sector & MNCs.

12. Establishment of new multidisciplinary well equipped general hospitals

in Qasimabad, Gaddap and Gharo.

13. Creation of at least 3 new provincial Assembly and 2 new National

Assembly seats for Qasimabad and Hyderabad rural Taluka on the basis of

genuine population.

14. De-limitation and re-structuring of controversial constituencies in Karachi, Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad.

15. Merit based appointment of rural youth in Port Qasim, PIA, Railway,

Water Board, KPT, KESCO, SSGC, KDA, HDA.

16. Enquiry of corruption, out of turn promotions and illegal appointments

of last 8 years.

17. Removal of corrupt politicians, governors and bureaucrats from key


18. New balanced formula for NFC.

19. New Water accord & termination of Thal Canal project.

20. End of Balochistan operation.

21. Removal of concurrent list and legislation for Sindh’s genuine share

from gas, patrol, coal and port output/income.

22. Re-opening of illegally withdrawn cases against terrorists.

23. Restoration of judiciary and supremacy of law.

24. Removal of all restrictions from the media.

25. Release of all political prisoners and conviction of real assassins of

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, Akbar Khan Bugti and other political leaders and activists.

26. Re-settlement of haree victims of bonded labor jails at specially

allotted areas around Ganjo takkar / Latifabad / Zealpak cement factory in

Hyderabad and in Gaddap, Maleer and University raod of Karachi.

27. Launching of Keti bandar Port and Thar Coal projects.

28. New employment opportunities & controlling inflation and price-hike.

29. Improvement in overall education, health and communication facilities of rural areas.

30. Plan for genuine results in next census.

Remembering Comrade Haider Bux Jatoi

By Aziz Narejo, TX

As we fight our present wars and honor our heroes of the day, we should not forget our leaders and our heroes of the past who led us during some of the turbulent times of our history, fought our wars, never compromised on principles, sacrificed their freedom and liberty and faced incarceration and tortures under previous dictators at various prisons and torture houses including the infamous Lahore Fort.

Let me remind you one such personality Comrade Haider Bux Jatoi with whom I had an honor of meeting a few times.

He was a humanist and a poet who felt the pain of the wretched of the earth and devoted his life to lessen their sufferings and their anguish. He quit a high position in British Raj bureaucracy to fight for the cause of the downtrodden. He was put in jail for so many times and for so long periods but it couldn’t diminish his spirit.

He remained a guiding star and the vanguard of peasant’s movement for over a quarter of a century and fought for the national, democratic, social, cultural and economic rights of our people. He is rightly considered as a non-controversial leader. His name was synonymous with the struggle of the oppressed people.

We miss him today when the feudalism has reemerged as a menacing power and along with naked opportunism, urban terrorism and lawlessness, it is disfiguring our society. We need leaders like him today to give us courage and inspiration and lead us in the war against the forces of darkness and the oppression.

Friends, it is the day to remember and pay homage to our great leader Comrade Haider Bux Jatoi who departed us 38 years ago today (21st May).

May 21, 2008

Glowing Tributes Paid to G.M. Sayed, Balouchistan CM Nawab Alsam Raisani Thanked

London, 29th April 2008 – World Sindhi Congress commemorated the 13th death anniversary of great Sindhi leader, Saeen G.M. Sayed on 26th April at Sindhi Centre, London.

The occasion was attended by Sindhis from all over UK, Balouchs and many others.

The programme started with the recitation of the Sindhi song written by Shaikh Ayaz. Awais Mahar and Nisar Ahmed Gilal sang the anthem in their melodious voice.

Programme Chair, Dr Hidayat Bhutto welcomed and thanked the participants, who came from far-flung areas to attend the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Munir Hyder Shah, the great grandson of G.M. Sayed said that Sayed sacrificed his very existence to serve motherland. His only priority in life was Sindh, her institutions, the people, the language and culture.

World Sindhi Congress Chairman, Dr Haleem Bhatti presented a brief account of Sayed life and contributions. He said Sayed started his political career at a very young age. The focus of his politics and indeed entire life was Sindh. He fought for and achieved Sindh’s separation from Bombay Presidency. He moved the Pakistan Resolution in Sindh Assembly, but when he saw that joining was not in the interests of Sindh, he started campaigning against that union right since 1946. He stood for the right of self-determination of Sindh.

Dr Haleem Bhatti also spoke about Sayed’s literary contributions, the books Sayed wrote on different subjects. He said Saeen G. M. Sayed faced all the troubles because of his ideology and his love for the land of Sindh, Sindhi people and Sindhi language and culture. Being an embodiment of Sindhi thought and culture, Saeen G M Sayed has preached the principles of Sufism, love, tolerance and non-violence.

Concluding his tribute Dr Bhatti said Sindhis will always remember their great leader. He said, “G.M. Sayed died in the unfortunate land of his love but he will live in the hearts of every one forever, who calls himself a Sindhi”.

Ms Suraiya Makhdoom, Senior vice Chair, WSC, who moderated the Session, paid glowing tributes to the great leader. She said Sayed started his political career at such a young age that he had to stand on the table to deliver speeches. The then British establishment took notice of his anti imperialist stance. But nothing would deter Sayed fight against imperialism and for the freedom of Sindh. Sayed served Sindh in very respect, political, social and language and literature.

Ms Makhdoom thanked Balouchistan Chief Minister, Nawab Alsam Raisani for his solidarity with Dr Safdar Sarki, the ex Chairman of WSC, by sending Dr Sarki a bouquet of flowers and providing him medical and other humane facilities in prison, which were denied to him. She asked the Sindh CM and the government to reciprocate the favour and allow same facilities to Akhtar Mengal, who is in prison in Sindh.

Mir Ghulam Hussain of Balouchistan Action Committee said that we pay tribute to Sayed for spending his whole life behind bars and under house arrest, but never compromising on the principles. He said Sayed’s mission could only be fulfilled by actions and not the words. He urged upon Sindhi and Balouch mothers and sisters to come forward and join in the struggle.

Mr Sujan Sindhi said that G.M. Sayed was the first political prisoner in Pakistan. He said Sindh remained the focus of Sayed’s entire life and for his beloved country prepared to offer any sacrifice. He said Sayed work had a great spiritual aspect. He said we could only gain something if we are prepared to sacrifice.

Speaking on G. M. Syed’s various contributions, Shahzado Wadhyo said Sayed gave the awareness to Sindhi people about their identity. Shahzado mentioned Saeen’s written work and said Saeen challenged religious fundamentalism in this book, “Jeeana Ditho ah moon”.

Samad Balouch of Balouchistan Action Committee said Sayed we should fulfill Saeen’s mission by fighting for the genuine rights of the oppressed people. He mentioned the martyrdoms of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Mir Balaach Marri, who sacrificed their lives for the cause of their land and people

Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, President Sindhi Sangat UK, said we should follow in the footsteps of Saeen G.M. Sayed and commit ourselves to cause of Sindh.

Concluding the speeches session, Dr Lakhu Luhana, Secretary General of WSC, said the best way to pay tribute to G.M. Sayed is to fight for the rights of Sindh on all fronts. He spoke at length on the current situation. He said we are being alienated in our own cities, especially in Karachi. He said the previous MQM led government in Sindh passed a law, which prohibited Sindhi from outside Karachi from applying for the jobs in the NGO and other agencies in Karachi. Sindhis are living in apartheid conditions in their own country.

The doors of educational institutions in Karachi have been shut to Sindhis domiciled in other towns and villages of Sindh. The MQM led Sindh government shut down many Sindhi medium schools and the whole of the Sindh Assembly remained silent witnesses. Dr Lakhu said we got to struggle for our survival.

The speeches session was followed by the Sufi music programme, in which Harbans Singh and his group sang the inspirational Sufi and national poetry of Shah Abdul Latif and other poets.

A sumptuous dinner concluded the programme.