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Sindh’s rich Off-shore Oil and Gas Resources

Translation by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia


Once again, Ishak Soomro shares his research, concerns and warnings on another important natural resource of Sindh that remain largely unknown to the common people of Sindh. His bold article on the off-shore resources of Sindh was printed in Sindhi Daily Ibrat Feb 10, 2010.

According to the article, Pakistan Government has allotted 18 exploration licenses to five (5) multi-national oil companies. The awardees include British Petroleum (BP) which has a dubious record of spending its civil society commitments to please bureaucrats and local chieftains instead of improving conditions of local communities. Other companies include Italy-based ENI, Canadian company called Niko, and Pakistani companies OGDCL and PPL. Mostof these companies already operate on-shore oil and gas fields in Sindh and have checkered records on meeting the commitments on their already profitable on-land oil and gas producing fields. It must be noted that exploring off-shore fields poses greater risks to coastal communities as these activities often destroy livelihood of local fishing families.

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OGDC discovers gas in Sindh

KARACHI – SINDH (APP)- Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC) has discovered natural gas from its Reti exploratory well No 1-A (Guddu Block), located in Ghotki district.

According to the communique to KSE here Wednesday, the Guddu joint venture is comprised of OGDCL, IPRTOC and Government Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, having 70 %, 25 % and 5 % working interest respectively.

Reti Well was drilled down to its target depth of 770 meters based on electric logs, geological and drilling data. The production testing was started on August 1, 2009 to evaluate the potential of Pirkoh Limestone of middle Eocene age.

Three zones in Pirkoh limestone have been selected for testing.

Zone-I proved to be tight and water bearing, while Zone-II has produced 2.82 mmcfd of gas wellhead flowing pressure of 498 Psi.

Oil discovery in Sindh

While due to international oil prices, oil-producing countries are flourishing but Sindh has not benefit …

News : With a successful discovery of a new exploratory well in District Hyderabad, Sindh, the average daily production of Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC) including the share from the joint ventures has touched 45,235 barrels of crude oil per day.The Company has succeeded to discover an exploratory well near Lashari lease, Molan area in District Hyderabad. Initially the production of the well will be 1,150 barrel per day, the specification of this oil is 45 degree API,.. OGDC is also producing 963 million cubic feet of natural gas and 382 metric tons of LPG per day… Aaj News

State-owned Oil and Gas Development Co Ltd (OGDCL), the country’s biggest listed firm, announced on Friday a small oil discovery in southern Sindh province, raising its oil output by 1,150 barrels per day (bpd)… Last week, Pakistan finalised plans to issue an exchangeable bond with an option for OGDCL shares, to be jointly managed by ABN AMRO, Barclays and JP Morgan…

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