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Shaheed Nazir Abbassi Yaadgaar committee formed

Report by: Jaffar Memon, Chairman, We journalists

Under the brain storming session, organized by “We journalists” organization, the left oriented politicians, intellectuals and the representatives of civil society organizations, are decided to form a committee with the title “shaheed Nazir abbassi yaadgaar committee” the session was held at the head office of daily “Sindh” Hyderabad. All participants was of the view that the death anniversary of our national hero shaheed Nazir abbassi, should celebrate unanimously on august 9,2009 at Hyderabad press club. following committee members were elected during the session. 01) Imdad Chandio, 02) Taj Mari, 03) Imdad Qazi, 04) Ramzan Memon, 05) Punhal saario, 06) Commrade Iqbal, 07) Jaffar Memon, 08) Nissar Laghari, 09) Iqbal Mallah, 10) Mahesh Kumar.

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