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Nazar Mahar missing from promotion list of civil service of Sindh!

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA

A couple of months ago, one of my friends happened to be in a Sindh government meeting chaired by Nazar Mahar. According to him, in the meeting, the DCO Karachi demanded the lion’s share for Karachi from the funds allocated for the Sindh province. Mr. Mahar, in his capacity as the Additional Chief Secretary to the Government of Sindh, refused to fulfill the demand saying, “Mr. so and so, these funds are for the whole of Sindh and Sindh is not just about Karachi”. The DCO, a relatively junior officer, not used to being refused from the government officials, got enraged and misbehaved with Mr. Mahar. He told Mahar that he had made a mistake by refusing his demand and would pay dearly for it.

Then about a month or so ago, the omnipotent Nazim of Karachi, issued a statement, duly and dutifully carried by Jand and other ‘national’ media outlets, that the only hindrance to city’s progress was a man named Nazar Mahar.

I am not surprised at all to see his name missing from the list of blessed few. I had been awaiting this moment and wanted to see how they were going to sting an officer of otherwise immaculate record. In Sindhi they say, “Daryaah mein rahi waaggun saan ver!”