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Ticking bomb of self-destruction!

by: Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC

The issue of rising tide of Islamic extremism in Punjab requires more attention than it has received especially with respect to the role of Pakistan Muslim League (N), which claims to be a mainstream political party. More than anything else, the very existence of PML (N) will become irrelevant if it failed to differentiate itself from other religious parties in the country. Majority of the people of Pakistan do not want to see state policing Islam in their living rooms and bedrooms. Absolute majority of Pakistanis have rejected and will continue rejecting religion as a system of dictates. They cherish it as a moral support system and inspiration for social and cultural value system.

I am not being overly critical of Shariff brothers but I can’t ignore the fact that the birth of their political careers has been an absolute blessing of Zia’s era. It has been very hard for PML (N) leadership to cut their ideological umbilical cord with Zia’s extreme religious ideology. I have yet to hear from Shariff brothers denouncing their association with Zia or declaring his Taliban style rule in Pakistan as insane.

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America’s Two weeks notice to Paksitan

manzoorejzWASHINGTON DIARY: Two weeks notice

by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA

The writer can be reached at manzurejaz@yahoo.com

Courtesy- Wichaar.com, May 5th, 2009

The US is clear on the point that the Pakistan Army, and not the civilian government, is the one to decide about the war against the Taliban. If the army can manifest its sincerity, the US will support Pakistan’s security, integrity and viability as a country.

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Murky alliance of Jamaat-i-Islami and PML-N took control of the Lawyer’s Movement- Kaiser Bengali says

Lawyers’ struggle: another view
By Kaiser Bengali
THE successful movement for the reinstatement of Iftikhar Chaudhry is being billed as a historic watershed event that has redefined the politics of the country and, in particular, the relationship between citizen and state.

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Pashtoon girl flogged- Be aware Sindh

Video of girl’s flogging as Taliban hand out Justice, plz click here

by A.Latif Khuhro, latifk@hotmail.com
Roots of Such behaviors are multifaceted including jihalat to petro-dollars. Nizam Adl is approved by ANP government which is probably representative of NWFP people. They strongly are arguing in favor of that. Even amir-ul- momnin Imam of revolution Nawaz Sharif has endorsed that and has given his blessing for that
What ever is happening in Sawat PPP is not responsible for that. Story is long and recently U.S. has categorically blamed one agency for that. There is beautiful video on PBS – front line which shows how real rulers of Pakistan are dealing with that. I wish I had exact web address for that.

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Pakistan- Extremism and Punjab

by Asim Kaghzi, Calgary, Canada
I was wondering about what the Punjab is thinking about the latest happenings in lahore where quite a few lives were lost in terrorist activities.
Perhaps busy in having lassi at his farm house in Raiwind. I would be interested in hearing from all the people who lost their sleep when PML-N munda’s brother lost his Punjab government, that after the restoration of Justice Chaudhry and Sharif, what has changed, also how both of people are part of solution? and why are they criminally silent over raging violence that is threatening the very fabric of social order in Pakistan.

The struggle for the restoration of judiciary is not a Punjab struggle or Punjab cause; it is a struggle of a vast majority, including Sindhis

judges The following is an excellent example of a good Sindhi debate on the restoration of judiciary that really enriches the mind. It shows the finer differences between various point of views in an intelligent way with excellent articulation.

-Suraya Makhdoom, U.K,   smakhdoom3@yahoo.co.uk

Sindhis shouldn’t feel depressed, sad and defeated by the restoration of pre Nov 2007 Judiciary, including the reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohd Choudhry. The said judiciary was illegally and highhandedly removed by the dictator General Musharraf and the struggle, which included long marches, had started from that very day. Hence initially, it was a struggle against Musharraf and his dictatorial policies. Almost all the opposition political forces, including PPP, supported that struggle at that time. Would you deny that late Shaheed Benazir marched up to Justice Choudhry’s dwellings and declared him as the Chief Justice of Pakistan? Restoration of judiciary was an election manifesto of many parties, including PML-N and PPP, who also entered into an alliance to that effect.
But after the 2008 election, PPP backed off its promise and delayed the issued under legal and constitutional wrangling. Zardari, thus, took upon himself to fight the battle of a dictator, which made the struggle look like directed against him.
The struggle for the restoration of judiciary is not a Punjab struggle or Punjab cause; it is a struggle of a vast majority, if not all the people, including Sindhis, who supported this cause from day 1. As a nation and as apeople, Sindhis have proud traditions to support the cause of justice and the oppressed. We should be proud of our principled stance. Many Sindhi people and parties/organisations are a part of that struggle and have given their lives for it. Hence the restoration of Justice Iftikhar is a triumph for Sindhis as well.

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The Judge And The Fudge

Friday, 20 March 2009.
Contrary to media hype, both Mr. Zardari and Mr. Sharif have been cut down to size. Zardari has been snubbed, and Nawaz can’t use the judge card anymore. The military effectively ended politicians from exploiting the problem for political gain. Aitzaz is busy trying to return to his party by – believe it or not – hijacking the reinstatement of the judge in favor of PPPP. The two, Zardari and Nawaz, still have to account for shamelessly leading Pakistan to civil war. One blocked Pakistan’s exports by impounding all cargo containers and the other had no problem if his activists snatched and torched cars and public property as long as it served ‘public interest.’ Then there’s the role of Balochistan, a positive note in concluding this report.

For full article, please click here

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Opinion: Why don’t we support the great struggle of lawyers?

by: Sabir Hussain

Today most of “intellectuals”, “columnist” “professors”, “and all who have love & sympathy for Sindh & Sindhi nation, demanding from those who struggled for independence of judiciary, to raise issues of Sindh before Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhery in order to prove their struggle justified, but none of them have dare to raise voice on crucial issues of Sindh (like issue of water, NFC, resource, Jobs, Education, peace & justice in every subject, karo kari & wadera shahi, problems of jobs & admission for sindhies in colleges & universities of Karachi, and many more) in front of elected “SINDHI PRESIDENT” whose party is elected by votes of Sindhi people & whom for Sindh & sindhi people have given sacrifices in every age…

These leaders of Sindh who always got power because of the votes & sacrifices of Sindhi people have made life miserable of Sindh, peoples of Sindh are forced to sell their beloved child because there is no water even for KAFN DAFN, number of Sindhi women killed in the name of KARO KARI, there are no roads, no shelter, no food, no jobs for sindhi people, few agents & mafia is destroying education of Sindh since last 30 years in the Universities of Sindh, day by day sindhi people have been murdered socially, politically, economically but these MNAs, MPA, WADERAS and President have never wanted to arrest those people, the heart of Sindh Karachi is no go area for Sindhi people, there is no jobs and admission for Sindhi students in Karachi but these sold agents parliamentarian have done nothing against this illegal & horrors acts.

And even these columnists, journalists, have never even

written on these issues, they have not protest against these issues in front of the government of PPP.

In above said status Quo if Chief Justice wants to build independent judiciary  to provide justice & peace to the people of Sindh & Pakistan than what is wrong with it? If he refused to follow illegal actions & orders of a Dictator than what sin has he committed? And when he has taken sueo moto actions against following criminal acts than what illegal & unethical act has Choudhery done?

Remember that:

1)He took against action Federal Minister of PPP Hazar Khan Bijarani as he had done illegal act of SANG CHATTI and sold five younger innocent girls of a poor people.

2)He took actions against the administration of a hospital when a poor non Muslim farmer women dead on the road during her pregnancy because the administration of Hospital refused to admit her.

3)He took action against Qasimabad police as they arrested two younger innocent children.

4)He took action against illegal & unconstitutional sell of Steel Mill, as it was national assets of Sindh,

5)He took action against missing persons,

6)He took action against a police officer on murdered of poor labourer Rasool Bux Birohi

7)He took against Zamindar Abdul Rehman Mari as he murdered the whole family of a farmer Mano Bheel.

These and other positive and legal actions taken by CJ

Iftikhar, without any greedness, he did not differentiate that he is sindhi so he should not provide justice, or any other thing.

I think there is game played by the agencies to keep away

Sindhi people from great struggle of Judiciary, this struggled was done by every Pakistani without any fear & force only to see law & order in the country, every one wants independent judiciary and independent courts in Pakistan.

Now as for as issues of Sindh & Sindhi people concerned

so we don’t forget that every sindhi must play their role and ask elected MNAs, MPA and president to do justice with Sindhi on every issue, we should demand from this PPP Govt to make clear, legal & fair policies on main issues of Sindh, I am regret to say that still PPP Govt has not any clear policy against issues like Education, Water, NFC, Kala Bagh Dam, natural resource, if they have than

must announce to whole Sindhi nation that how they are going to resolve these burning issue.

In last I will say that please don’t misguide whole nation, and don’t irritate them by telling kiddy stories. Focus on struggle to resolve crucial and burning issues of Sindh and demand from your elected members & Govt to be fair with Sindh and do justice with sindhi nation & prove yourself as real son of great soil.

21 March, 2009

Thousands of Sindhis lost jobs when Mr. Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister twice before!

History Repeats itself – Zardari fifth Sindhi target of Nawaz
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
…No where in the article it says Mr. Zardari and Pir Pagaro are great leaders just because they are Sindhis. The gist of the article is that Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his supporters do not play “politics” by fair rules and have a history of trying to conspire against Sindhi leaders and Sindhis. Remember how many thousands of Sindhis lost jobs when Mr. Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister twice before!
…Those who like the politics of Mr. Nawaz Sharif or for that matter of fact any one else must do research on what things Mr. Sharif (or others) did for Sindhis and share that information in discussions…

How long will Pakistan’s army chief sit on sidelines?

How long will Pakistan’s army chief sit on sidelines?
by Rick Westhead
March 19th, 2009
Courtesy and Thanks: Wichaar.com

NEW DELHI – Here’s what diplomats across much of the Western world know about Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, arguably Pakistan’s most important public figure: he’s a plain-talking and dour chain-smoker with a fondness for golf who started his military career in 1971 as a lowly infantryman. But this is what many are now anxious to find out about the reclusive 56-year-old: how long will he be content to sit on the sidelines, observing the uneasy peace agreed on this week between humbled Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, Zardari’s arch-nemesis?

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Zardari fifth Sindhi target of Nawaz’s rebellion

by G. N. Mughul

The Frontier Post

KARACHI: It is interesting to note that President Asif Ali Zardari, is fifth Sindhi, holding a vital position in the set-up of Pakistan, against whom PML(N) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif rebelled all along his political career since 1988 till today due to one reason or the other.

The first victim of Mian Nawaz Sharif’s style of politics was soft spoken Sindhi Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo. Junejo was dismissed as Prime Minister of Pakistan by the then Military dictator Gen. Zia ul Haq after an enquiry ordered by the then Prime Minister Junejo in to the causes of the famous Ojhri Camp explosion against the wishes of the Military dictator. When Mohammad Khan Junejo was removed from the office of Prime Minister, he also held the office of President, Muslim League. It was early 1988. At that time Mian Nawaz Sharif was attached with Punjab Government and was rather President Muslim League Punjab. At that time Mian Nawaz Sharif used to be known as blue eyed boy of Gen. Jilani and Gen. Zia ul Haq. Immediately after the removal of Mohammad Khan Junejo as Prime Minister of Pakistan a meeting of the general council of Pakistan Muslim League was called in Lahore. According to the circles close to Junejo group, a majority of those invited to attend the said PML session was recommended by Mian Nawaz Sharif. In this meeting Mohammad Khan Junejo was also removed from the office of the President PML. Afterwards, PML was bifurcated in to two groups viz PML(Junejo group) and PML (anti Junejo group). Hamid Nasir Chattha sided with Junejo and remained with him till the death of Junejo. Afterwards, Junejo group was headed by Hamid Nasir Chattha and with the passage of time Junejo group was renamed as PML(Chattha Group).

The second victim is reported to be

Pir Pagaro. When attempts were made by PML Punjab group headed by Mian Nawaz Sharif to rebel against Pir Pagaro, Pir Pagaro also dissociated from that PML and formed his own group called since then as PML(Functional group). First Secretary General of PML(F) was S. M. Zafar.

In 1988 general elections held after the death of Gen. Zia ul Haq in a plane crash, PPP headed by Benazir Bhutto captured majority of NA seats even in Punjab. At that time Provincial polls used to be held two days after national polls. In the meantime, Nawaz Sharif camp raised the slogan of ” Jag Punjabi Jag – Terey Pag nu lag gaya dagh” and aroused the parochial feelings of the people of Punjab against a Sindhi leader of PP. The said attempt succeeded to the extent that majority Provincial Assembly seats in Punjab were captured by PML(N). As the result, PP formed Government in centre with Benazir Bhutto as the Prime Minister and PML(N) formed government in Punjab with Mian Nawaz Sharif as Chief Minister.

The later developments bear testimony that Nawaz Sharif’s Punjab Government did not recognize Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister of Pakistan and the then Punjab Government virtually rebelled against PP Government in centre in almost in each field to the extent that whenever Benazir Bhutto, as Prime Minister, visited any area of Punjab she was not provided due protocol by the Punjab Government of Nawaz Sharif.

Courtesy: The Frontier post, March 12, 2009


Pakistan is undergoing very interesting times

pak_usby Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
The writer can be reached at khashmani@hotmail.com
Those of you who live within the commuting distance of Washington DC are urged to attend an important discussion on Federalism and Democracy in Pakistan on Friday, March 20 at 12 PM at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).
Pakistan is undergoing very interesting times with developments that are both encouraging and alarming at the same time. The good news is that the present Government listened to the overdue demand of people to restore justices that were illegally fired by General Musharraf. The bad news is that some are declaring PPP and President Asif Zardari as villains and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N as heroes in the crisis that just ended. The fact is that PPP and President Zardari did display admirable flexibility by announcing restoration of justices. As more and more news of what happened in the last few days trickles, it appears that PML-N had chosen the part of confrontation and wanted to instigate inter-provincial fighting in order to put pressure on the Pakistan military to over-throw the present government.
This seminar is an opportunity to probe into questions such as what motivated Punjab and federal security forces to refuse maintain the writ of duly elected federal government in Punjab, where as the security forces become ruthless in other provinces? Were any anti-Sindh slogans raised during the long march demonstrations? Why are anti-Sindhi slogans raised in at least some of the gatherings organized by PML-N, Jamait-i-Islami and Tahrik-e-Insaf. These are important questions, particularly for the people of small provinces of Pakistan.
I have also noticed that some Pakistani academician and Think-tank people continue to feed wrong information to the US policy advisors. I am also alarmed that in the last couple of Washington DC seminars, the same people are proposing creation of 16 provinces/divisions .
It is imperative that overseas Sindhis should show renewed energy and participate vigorously in advocacy activities to ensure that the same forces who ensured that the writ of elected government is ignored in Punjab do not succeed in securing US support for the proposal to create 16 provinces in Pakistan.

Restoration of Chief Justice is a business deal that brings only profit!

By Nisar Ahmed Nizamani
I see the restoration of Supreme Court Judgeg in a different way. This is not the battle which is won by Punjab, but it was an opportunity that is unwisely missed by Pakistan Peoples Party lead by Mr. President Zardari who has the most “brilliant” advisor like Salam Taseer and etc
Restoration of Chief Justice at any cost is a business deal that brings only profit as it has no loss stake in it. And Nawaz Shrif has gotten the opportunity. Therefore, the whole profit has gone into the pockets of Sharif brothers.

Benazir Bhutto was, in the eyes of many, that is why she was killed

bbBenazir Bhutto was, in the eyes of many, the last national figure capable of doing this. Perhaps that is why she was killed.
Courtesy: The Guardian, Tuesday 17 March 2009
Back from the brink
The latest nail-biting crisis in Pakistan ended yesterday with jubilant scenes on the streets of Islamabad and sighs of relief in Washington and London. Just as protesters were about to descend on the capital in their thousands, President Asif Zardari backed down by agreeing to reinstate the chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. And Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the opposition, called off a sit-in outside parliament which would have ended in the overthrow of the government.

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We lost moral ground!

by Haider Bhurgri, Islamabad
.. It is a war fought on pragmatic para meters not on our ethnic emotions. It would have been a good decision had it been taken timely (soon as the PPP govt was installed), but it was held back to brew creating enemies among the friends (like Aitzaz Ahsan, Rashid Razvi etc are friends of Sindhis). I saw some of the friends expressed paranoid that Aitzaz is hatching a conspiracy against Sindhis, though he was not there.
And now what is good about decision of reinstatement of CJ! It is not taken on principle, it has been forced by Army, America and mob. We lost moral grounds, allowed Nawaz Sharif Saheb who became hero at our cost…

Charter of Democracy Signed by Benazir Bhutto & Nawaz Shairf says;

Charter of Democracy Article 4 says;bb_last_moment
A federal constitutional court will be set-up to resolve constitutional issues, giving equal representation to each of the federating units, whose members may be Judges or persons qualified to be judges of the Supreme court, constituted for six years period. The Supreme Court and High courts will hear regular civil and criminal cases. The appointment of judges shall be made in the same manner as for judges of higher Judiciary.

Anti-Sindh slogans shouted by participants of the long march in Lahore!

MQM threatens to pull out of coalition
Courtesy and thanks: Daily Times
LAHORE: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee has decided that the party would quit the coalition from the Sindh and federal governments within 48 hours if the Sindh government did not take notice of anti-Sindh slogans shouted by participants of the long march in Lahore. A private TV channel reported on Sunday that the decision was made in a joint meeting of the party’s London and Pakistan coordination committees. The meeting condemned the slogans and said any slogan against the people of Sindh would not be tolerated. The committee sent its decision to London for MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s approval. Meanwhile, the MQM chief called upon those who cared for the country’s solidarity to ponder over the views expressed by the JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman in an interview to another TV channel, APP reported. Hussain said Fazl’s views should be considered instead of being criticised. daily times monitor/app.

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Is A Military Coup In the Wings?

Pakistan: Is A Coup In The Wings?
by Farhan Bokhari
– Wichaar.com
March 15th, 2009
(CBS) Pakistan’s growing political turmoil risks drawing in the military into a political role, and endangers U.S. interests in the war on terror across the Pak-Afghan region, two western ambassadors in Islamabad warned Sunday night, in separate interviews with CBS News. These warnings came after a day of mayhem in Lahore, the country’s second-largest city and its political nerve center, where supporters of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif clashed with police and security services.

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Chief Justice of Pakistan restored

ayazlatifpaleejoby Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Chairman FRJP
The writer can be reached at ayazlatif@gmail.com
Today is the day of triumph for all of us and lets take this opportunity to salute the people of Pakistan, the martyrs of 12th May, the lawyers who were burnt to death in Karachi, the courageous members of the bar, the brave representatives of media, Hon Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chodhri, Rana Bhagwandas, Khalil u Rehman Ramdey, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Aitzaz Ahsan, Muneer Malik, Rasheed Rizvi, Baz Mohd Kakar, Tarik Mahmood, Athar Minalah, Asma Jahangeer the leadership & activists of Sindhiani Tahreek, PMLN, TI, JI, Awami Tahreek, Nationalist Parties of Sindh, Balochistan & Pakhtoon Khuwah.

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There is No Statesman in PML(N)- May Allah help us!

by: Khan Arif
All they can do to issue inflammatory statements distorting facts. We lost Eastern wing (Bangladesh) because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time and the manner of yielding to the conditions for national integrity. Statesmen may make mistakes but they make amends when needed. The essence of statesmanship is not a rigid adherence to the past, but a prudent and probing concern for the future. It is because of statesmanship in PPP that they formed Ruling Alliance not only in Federal capitol but also in the three provinces and they also joined Punjab Government fro a brief period. By reconciling their differences PPP and MQM have shown statesmanship and one wishes that Nawaz League also does that.In the past he had irreconcilable differences not only with President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, but also Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, and he participated in toppling PPP Government twice and Junejo government and went back on his promises with MQM and ordered military crackdown creating MQM Haquqi group of militants for bashing Altaf group. Now it is his third attempt to topple PPP Government by raising calls of civil disobedience and rebellion and calling the parliament and judiciary bogus. If this is called statesmanship may Allah help us.

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Govt. on suicide mission; Raza Rabbani, others must speak up, join long march
by Aziz Narejo, Huston, TX, USA
The writer can be reached at anarejo@yahoo.com
The situation is as bad as it gets. Political forces in the country have finally collided with each other against the wishes of the people who wanted them to bury the hatchet, work together, strengthen democracy, eradicate corruption, terrorism and poverty, provide education and health to citizens, solve other serious issues facing the country, end inequalities and discrimination and build a system based on justice and fairness.
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Zardari Follows Musharraf? Nawaz Sharif says

nzPakistan Muslim Leage- Nawaz (PML- N) chief Nawaz Sharif had said that people are not willing to accept the judges appointment by former president Pervez Musharraf. Addressing a public rally in Norwal on Monday, he said that massive public turn out was prelude to change. “Zardari has embraced Musharraf- appointment judges,” he said, adding that change was indispensable. Addressing to general public meeting, he said President Zardari offered him to compromise with the PCO judges but he refused to do so and sacrificed the CM-ship and government of Punjab. He appealed to the people to participate in the long march for the supremacy of the constitution and for the restoration of the judiciary.

Court ban on Shrif brothers- A Sindhi prespective

A sad day for justice and democracy in Pakistan

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean

It is indeed a sad day for democracy and justice in Pakistan. Even though the policies of PML-N in general and Nawaz Sharif in particular have been anti-Sindhi and anti-provincial autonomy, the recent actions by the controversial judges of the Pakistan Supreme Court and subsequent imposition of Governor’s rule in Punjab should be unfit.

Taking one step forward to restore democracy and justice in Pakistan and two steps back does not bode well for the future of Pakistan. The same politics of agitation and supressing opposition of yester years continues to prevail, bringing Pakistan one step closer to becoming a failed state.

Feb 26, 2009

Pakistan in turmoil as court bans ex-PM

Sharif’s backers protest in streets after ruling bars him from office

by Laura King, Los Angeles Times

Islamabad- Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif may well be the most popular politician in Pakistan. So the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday that bans him from holding elected office has set the stage for what could be a bitter show-down between his backers and the already shaky government of President Asif Ali Zardari.

Pakistan, which over the past 18 months has seen a grassroot uprising against long-time military leader [Dictator] Pervez Musharraf, the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and then the advent of civilian rule, appears ill-prepared for another prolonged period of political. turmoil. Islamic insurgents are gaining strength, and the economy is virtually on life support from international leaders.

Analysts characterized yesterday’s court ruling as a drawing of battle lines between Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples party and its one time ally, Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim league- N. Two parties teamed in Feb 2008 to take on Musharraf, soundly defeating his party in parliamentary elections and ousting him from office six months latter. But having gained power, they fell out with on another.

Sharif’s supporters protested yesterday’s verdict, saying they do not recognize the legitimacy of the court. They repeated demands for the reinstatement of the former chief justice and other senior judges dismissed by Musharraf in late 2007 during a bout of de facto martial law.

“This is mockery of justice, mockery of democracy,” Ahsan Iqbal, senior leader of Sharif’s party, said of the ruling. “The decision has once again pushed Pakistan on the path of political confrontation and political instability.”

The former prime minister’s brother, Shahbaz Sharif, was also disqualified by the court from holding office, in effect removing him from his position as chief minister of Punjab, the country’s most populous and affluent province.

Supporters of the Shairf pouredinto the streets of major cities, burning tires and chanting anti government slogans.

A firebrand populist, Sharif returned to Pakistan in late 2007 after nearly eight years in exile, foiling efforts by Musharraf to keep him away. Although Shairf’s party trailed the Pakistan People’s Party in the February 2008 vote, some commentators attributed that to sympathy over the assassination six weeks earlier of Bhutto, Zardari’s wife. Most public opinion polls suggested Sharif’s popularty has now eclipsed Zardari’s.


Our source of above article Thursday, Feb 26, 2009, Toronto Star, page A13.

Pakistan’s Sharif Vows Protest After Court Bars Him From Office

Khalid Qayum and James Rupert
February 25th, 2009
Courtesy and Thanks: Wichaar.com
Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan’s main opposition party called for nationwide protests after the Supreme Court barred its leader, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, from holding elected office.

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What next?

Zardari & Nawaz: Younger ‘brother’ dupes elder. What next?

By Aziz Narejo, TX, USA

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed had realized the need to bury the hostility and bitterness of 1990s between the PPP and the PML-N and had made serious efforts to build working relationship between the two major Pakistani political parties to strengthen democracy in the country, defeat undemocratic forces and bring in a positive change for the people. She had traveled to Jeddah to hold talks with Mian Nawaz Sharif. The two had later continued their deliberations and finally signed a document “Charter of Democracy” (CoD) in London in 2006.

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