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Kalabagh dam or Kala Naang dam!?

By: Khalid Hashmani

I suspect that this new re-packaging of Kala Bagh dam may be another drama of  foes of Pakistan . The purpose may be to simply re-direct attention away from other issues and/or scoring points.  Nevertheless, the issue of the Kala Bag dam is of such a paramount importance to Sindh that we cannot afford to ignore any thing related to this Kala Nang dam, whose consequence would simply be to end of the country. ….

Foes of Pakistan are bent upon retaining the power and bringing back the subject of Kala Bagh dam will do nothing but galvanize people of Sindh, Pakhtoonkhwah,  and Baluchistan to aggressively oppose it. I also believe that most people of Punjab (except few thousand civilian and military landowners, who will be the primary beneficiary of Kala Bagh dam) consider the Kala Bagh dam to be a divisive issue that is taking a brutal toll of harmony and unity in the country.

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