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Pakistan Bans Jaish-e-Mohd, Jamaat-ud-Dawah, and Lasher-e-Taiba

Islamabad: The Pakistan government has banned 25 religious and other organizations, including the Jamaat-ud-Dawah, Jaish-e-Mohhammed and Lashker-e-Taiba, the interrior ministry said. The ministry presented a list of the banned organizations in the National (Federal) Assembly or lower house of parliament. It also said the Sunni Tehrik had been put on a watch list. Among the organizations included in the list of outlawed groups are JuD, LeT, JeM, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah Muahammadi, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Al-Akhtar Trust, Al-Rasheed Trust, Tehreek-e-Islami, Islamic Students Movement, Khair-un-Nisa International Trust, Islami Tehreek-e-Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Islam and others.

Book Review – The Battle For GOD

In the late twentieth century, fundamentalism has emerged as one of the most powerful forces at work in the world, contesting the dominance of modern secular values and threatening peace and harmony around the globe. Yet it remains incomprehensible to a large number of people. In The Battle for God, Karen Armstrong brilliantly and sympathetically shows us how and why fundamentalist groups came into existence and what they yearn to accomplish.

We see the West in the sixteenth century beginning to create an entirely new kind of civilization, which brought in its wake change in every aspect of life – often painful and violent, even if liberating. Armstrong argues that one of the things that changed most was religion. People could no longer think about or experience the divine in the same way; they had to develop new forms of faith to fit their new circumstances.

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