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Charlatans of democracy

Fatima Bhutto

Courtesy and Thanks: Guardian.co.uk

Triumphalism over a Musharraf impeachment won’t hide the failings of Pakistan’s ruling coalition

Fatima Bhutto The Guardian,

Friday August 15 2008

The murky abyss of Pakistani politics has been especially murky over recent months, and true to form it just keeps getting murkier. The one thing that is absolute when dealing with the dregs that run my country is this: nothing is ever as it seems. Nowhere is that more true than in the current scenario involving President Musharraf’s likely impeachment by the ruling coalition.

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Nothing to change if Musharraf given safe passage

By Aziz Narejo, TX, USA
It is being reported that the Pakistani Government and military dictator Musharraf have reached a deal and the latter may fly out of
Pakistan soon. He could resign and leave as soon as tomorrow (Monday). If that happens, it would be another black day (we have plenty of them, more than we deserve) for rule of law, justice and democracy.

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Coalition shouldn’t waver, must impeach Musharraf & restore pre-emergency judiciary

By Aziz Narejo, TX, USA

Fahim, Aitzaz, Imran, others should support impeachment move 

Many had doubts when the coalition announced to impeach dictator Musharraf and rightly so as the people had seen the indecisiveness, irresolution, vacillation and going back on pledges and promises especially by the senior partners in the government. It sounded too good to be true. Still many others took it as a real chance, a first of its kind in Pakistan , to impeach a military dictator, overthrow him and establish the supremacy of the Parliament and the Constitution.

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Article 52 (8) b versus 47: Options for Pervaiz Mushraf

By Ali Palh, Sri Lanka

The current issue in Pakistan which is flashing-out in media, being talked among common people, discussed in lawyers’ forums, civil society gatherings, Bisness community and dominating almost every field of life is IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT. Ruling coalition has decided and announced their plans to pursue the impeachment of President Pervaiz Musharaf. Since it is announced in the media that ruling coalition will carry-out impeachment against President (Rtd) Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf; general public of Pakistan is being heard saying two different opinions about his impeachment. People, who are few in numbers, and have little bit knowledge of constitution or impeachment procedure, know the strength and power of article 47 of the constitution of Pakistan, say this time parliament is in strong position and will be able to impeach president, yet majority who have witnessed or seen the use of article 58 (2) b in Pakistan’s parliamentary history opines that before parliament impeach president, he may use article 58(2) b of the constitution, dissolve assemblies and send prime minister and his cabinet to home.

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