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SAPAC Inaugural becomes Congressmen’s Town Hall Meeting and Sindhi Katchahry (Gathering)

By Khalid Hashmani

Washington DC, September 16, 2009 – Sindhi American Political Action Committee (SAPAC) was inaugurated in Washington DC. This is a milestone step for the Sindhi American community that community hopes will help in restoring and preserving Sindhi Rights. The inaugural session was very well organized and in fact turned into a Congressmen’s Town Hall meeting and Sindhi Katchahry, which is a traditional village gathering where village elders and town folks share their hopes, concerns, and sorrows. The meeting was held at the Washington Court Hotel near the US Capitol Bulling. The moot was addressed by Congressman Gary Ackermann, Congressman Brad Sherman, Selig Harrison, and Marvin Weinbaum. The guests were welcomed by Dr. Maqbool Halepota and Munawar Laghari, President Director of SAPAC respectively. After formal addresses, a lively Town Hall meeting (Sindhi Katchahry) was held with Congressman Sherman and Sindhi participants. The meeting was admirably moderated by Leila Agha and Hanne Bursch.

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Positivity outweighs negativity

By Munawar Laghari, Washington, DC, USA

As I suggested at the SANA ‘Vision’ Session, in St. Louis, USA, I will be happy to assist in many areas. I will do what ever I can do for the ‘Sindh Cause’ from any platform. I have a firm belief that there are all means and tools available to work for the future generation of Sindhis, provided we lay a solid ground of cooperation and create a conducive environment for them. For a long time, we are passing through very difficult times. Presently, when the most alarming challenge is the false impression that “Sindhis are now ruling Sindh”. We need to create a new momentum for Sindh. I understand and cannot underemphasize the fact that any major change will have to come from within Sindh itself. However, we the Diaspora can contribute very effectively to gear up the efforts of our sisters and brothers in Sindh, by offering our best from outside of Sindh all over the world. In June 2009, I attended the United Nations Human Rights Council Conference, held in Geneva, Switzerland. This was a great opportunity for me to meet our very dear and respectable friend and representative of World Sindhi Congress, Madam Suriya Makhdoom. Through our extremely useful exchange of ideas, we came to a clear understanding of some strategies for future plans and projects. Hence, I am willing to coordinate with all other Sindhi Forums and organizations, in order to build a better concerted and result oriented initiatives of all Sindhi overseas Organizations in whichever capacity I may be able to contribute in.

Dear friends, the challenge we all are confronted with is exponential. We need to be ready to face it by getting serious, sincere, honest and positive.

Sindh: The new epicenter of global stability

Sarrows of Sindh – Demands of Minority Provinces finally being Heard in US Policy Advisory Institutions!

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

The 11th Session UN Human Rights Council that began on June 2, 2009 will end on June 19, 2009. The focus of this session is protection and promotion of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social, and cultural, including right to development. Although, since the last elections, the political, social and civil rights in Pakistan have somewhat improved, much needs to be done for our cultural, economic, and right to achieve development. More information on this session can be obtained by visiting http://www2. ohchr.org/ english/bodies/ hrcouncil/ 11session/ agenda.htm.

The over due demand of Sindh and other minority provinces remains un-fulfilled. The economic conditions in Sindh, particularly in rural areas remain critical. Thousands of schools remain closed and poverty has disrupted millions of lives. The Pakistan radio and television continues to ignore Sindhi language and Sindhi cultural programs in its programming. The laws pertaining to the promotion of Sindhi language continue to be flouted in government and private institutions and businesses.

Our struggle to achieve cultural, economic and provincial autonomy rights must continue unabated. We cannot lower our guard just because few Sindhis have become prominent in the federal government. The results so far are not very encouraging as the governments at both the federal and provincial level are only paying lip service to Sindhi rights. In these critical times, it is heartening to know that Mr. Munawar Laghari, a well-known Sindhi Rights activist, will be once again talking about sorrows of Sindh including its cultural and economic plight at the 11th UN session of Human Rights. He has published an array of the following five highly pertinent articles in issue 2 of Sindh Monitor, which will be distributed at the 11th session:

1. “Sindh: The new epicenter of global stability” by Dilshad Bhutto (Senior). 2. “Oil and Gas Resources and Rights of Provinces: A case study of Sindh” by Naseer Memon. 3. “Sindh: A Land of Tolerance” by Manzoor Chandio. 4. “Eroding Religious Harmony” by Salam Dharejo. 5. “Demands of Minority Provinces finally being Heard in US Policy Advisory Institutions” by Khalid Hashmani.

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