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Policing the moral stables

Ayaz AmirIslamabad diary

By Ayaz Amir

A few days ago the Islamabad Police launched one of its periodic crackdowns on ‘foreign sex workers’. A handful of suspects were rounded up and a few were deported. The interior minister, who is greatly into these things, gravely announced that there was no room for such immorality in the Islamic Republic – a claim which must be taken with a large amount of salt.

Ladies associated with the profession from the Central Asian republics have long tried to establish a foothold here. From the reports one hears – although I have no direct experience, which is not to say that, given the choice, I would not like to have the experience – they manage a temporary presence in Islamabad…before the police, seized by another fit of morality, go after them again.

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PAKISTAN – The Islamic university where girls were raped

Today a news article in Dawn revealed the shocking case of female students and staff members forced to offer sexual favours in return for grades and demands of their immediate superiors.

I do not believe that this news is “shocking” because such cases are a rarity. In fact I believe that such cases probably proliferate throughout educational institutions, or indeed in any institution where men are in a position to extract sexual favours. This case is shocking because of the International Islamic University Islamabad’s indifference to these cases and its efforts to cover it up. Further, they have tried to justify their actions by claiming that they hushed up these allegations to protect the parents of female students and the reputation of the institution.

So what exactly has happened?

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