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State Bank of Pakistan’s Dada Pota policy announcement

By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh
On 20th April 2009, a quarterly monetary policy was announced in a press conference by the Governor SBP sitting at his both sides Advisers looking like his grandsons in age emerging as a Dada Pota policy announcement.The main factor from their presentation was that Governor himself and his two advisers were non central bankers and outsiders, the adviser with a beard joined SBP direct but some how he has worked a lot being a central banker and a local man since about 15 years to whom no chance was given to explain any complexive point before the audience.The Governor looked over-aged about more than seventy years old and also physically so weak, even his throat did not allow him to read the written statement in clear, vocal and clean voice. How, has he been appointed as Governor State Bank of Paksitan for which according to amended SBP 1956 act, the age limit has been prescribed as 65 years.

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