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Is Mr. Zardari on the way out?

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX

The latest word on the street is that Mr. Zardari is getting shunted out of the house on the hill as well as the ivory tower he dwells in complete solitude and indifference to the suffering of the poor mortals (especially Sindhis). Powers that be are said to be planning to swap him with Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s former minister and a close relative, Ishaq Dar. Having reluctantly handed power to a party the establishment never liked or trusted, it has now become clear that AZ’s tryst with power is more than hard a pill for the establishment to swallow.

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The early days of Pakistan

About quota system

By Mohammad Ali Mahar, USA

….It was not Mr. Z. A. Bhutto who had introduced the quota system. It was Liaquat Ali who had initiated the system in the early days of Pakistan to facilitate Mohajirs and create his own constituency in Sindh. Mr. Bhutto only created balance in it. …My grandfather told me that Liaquat’s quota system was devised in such a way that 0% (yes, zero) jobs were allocated for indigenous Sindhis for the number of years and the whole bureaucracy was brought in from UP and CP….

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