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Is Mr. Zardari on the way out?

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX

The latest word on the street is that Mr. Zardari is getting shunted out of the house on the hill as well as the ivory tower he dwells in complete solitude and indifference to the suffering of the poor mortals (especially Sindhis). Powers that be are said to be planning to swap him with Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s former minister and a close relative, Ishaq Dar. Having reluctantly handed power to a party the establishment never liked or trusted, it has now become clear that AZ’s tryst with power is more than hard a pill for the establishment to swallow.

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Statement of condemnation of the Coup d’ Etat in Honduras

The World Peace Council denounces firmly the recent Coup d’Etat organized by a group of military officers and reactionary politicians in Honduras. This brutal act, including the kidnapping of the legitimate President Manuel Zualaya and his violent transfer to Costa Rica, is bringing back the worst memories from military dictatorships in Latin America from the 20th century. The executors (and brains behind them) of this bloody plan have no support amongst the peace loving people of Honduras, Latin America and the world.

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Is A Military Coup In the Wings?

Pakistan: Is A Coup In The Wings?
by Farhan Bokhari
– Wichaar.com
March 15th, 2009
(CBS) Pakistan’s growing political turmoil risks drawing in the military into a political role, and endangers U.S. interests in the war on terror across the Pak-Afghan region, two western ambassadors in Islamabad warned Sunday night, in separate interviews with CBS News. These warnings came after a day of mayhem in Lahore, the country’s second-largest city and its political nerve center, where supporters of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif clashed with police and security services.

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