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Request to honorable court of Pakistan by Chairman Sindh Development Foundation

Very serious legal matters are being discussed in different TV channels of Pakistan like proceedings in open air discussions. Some anchors are portraying as a complainant, chief witness, trial lawyer, prosecutor and judge all together and then they are giving verdicts about legal matters to instigate the general public and different institution to revolt. According to the constitution, it is not fair to persecute anybody in general public by open air media trail for character assassination. According to law, every one is innocent until proven guilty. It is the right of the honorable court to give a verdict after a fair trial. Justice is blind and it can not be selective. Accountability should be for all and not against one person or party. It seems that such organizers, anchors and TV channels are running a one side campaign against one party and trying to destabilize and weaken the democratically elected Government of Pakistan.


Chairman, Sindh Development Foundation