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Save the life of Mushtaq Mirani

by Suraiya Makhdoom

I am appalled at learning about Saeen Mushtaq’s illness. Mushtaque Mirani’s personality is an institution: he is an academic, a trade unionist (he has always been in the Mehran University Teachers Association), a development expert as well as a scholar. He is a great asset for his land.

Mushtaque Mirani’s ill health is a matter of concern for all of us. I wish him a speedy recovery. I hope he will take extra care of himself and prioritise his health above every thing else.

We should do something practically as well. There was a suggestion to contact the CM. This could be done. The Islamabad govt too could be contacted. As a serving professor, he may be entitled to some sort of medical facilities from the University. All those avenues should be explored.