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Left and nationalist parties declaration on the current situation of Sindh

Karachi – Sindh (Press release) : Seven parties of left and nationalist leaning met in Karachi to discuss the prevailing political situation in Sindh and evolve joint strategy to cope with the situation. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Workers Party Pakistan (WPP), Labour Party (LPP), Communist party of Pakistan (CPP), National Party (NP), Jeay Sindh Mahaz(JSM), Awami Party Pakistan (APP) and Watan Dost Inqlabi party(WIP).

The one day meeting was hosted by Labour Party Sindh and presided over by veteran leftist leader Yusuf Masti Khan. The participants discuss in detail and brief about party position on the situation. The parties have unanimously approved the following points

· No compromise on the historic national integrity and oneness of Sindh

· Sindh is home land of different ethnic, lingual groups and they are part and parcel Sindhi nation, any move to divide the people on ethnic and lingual basis will be resisted.

· Condemn the interferences of foreign diplomats and emissaries in the affairs of Sindh and their backup and support to armed ethnic outfits instigate them to divide the Sindh on ethnic lines.

· Condemn the demand to declare the capital of Sindh, Karachi as the Federal capital and consider it the deep rooted conspiracy to separate the city from Sindh again. No to Nazmmen system, considers it breach on provincial autonomy, vehicle to control the district directly from center. No to commissioner system which put all the power in the hand of hand full of bureaucrats, a local bodies system should be evolved catering the needs of masses on grass roots scale and within the parameter of national autonomy.

· It was reiterated again that Pakistan is a multinational state and each nation have full-fledged right on their resources and to run their affairs. Right of Self determination is an indisputable right of every nation.

· Pakistan is in the clutches of chronic feudal system, to unleash the democratic norms and for the emancipation of vast majority of poor masses abolish feudal system and introduce revolutionary land reforms.

· Condemn military operation against Baloch nation and demand to end army operation in Baluchistan, release all arrested and missing Baloch activists.

· Condemn the scheme to create new provinces on administrative bases and demand to creation provinces on nationhood and historical grounds.

A 14 member Working Group, two members from each party was also formed in the meeting to discuss in detail the possibilities of joint program and points for the struggle and the committee meeting will be held on Sunday 21 August in Karachi, Sindh.

The meeting was attended by Akhter Hussain Advocate, A.R. Arif and salahudin Gandapur (Workers Party), Comrade Latif leghari, Comrade Bakshal Thalho and Nasir Mansoor (Labour party), Abdul Khaliq Junejo and Ayaz Hakro (Jeay Sindh Mahaz), Ramzan Memon, Ghulam Mohammad Jadoon Advocate and Yusuf Khatak (Awami Party), Jan Mohammad Buledi (National Party), Imdad Qazi, Dr Nisar Ali Shah (Communist Party) and Dost Mohammed Channa, Mohammad Khan Ahmdani and Dasgir Uqaili ( Watan Dost Inqalabi Party).

Courtesy: → Sindhi + Pakistani lists/ e-groups, August 20, 2011.

LPP demands a separate Saraiki Province

Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) Lahore held a demonstration to demand a separate Saraiki province today on 30 June at Shimla Pehari Lahore. It demanded an end of exploitation of Saraiki Waseeb by the ruling class of Pakistan mainly led by Punjabi and Urdu speaking capitalists. LPP activists chanted slogans against the injustice carried out in Saraiki areas. It demanded an equal distribution of national resources among all the nationalities. LPP had already taken a decision to organize an independent Saraiki Waseeb LPP province chapter.

Labour Party Pakistan quit APDM

Labour Party Pakistan quit APDM, would continue to build progressive forces, APDM have done its job, LPP press conference in Lahore

LPP formally left All Parties Democratic Movement APDM. The decision was announced by Farooq Tariq spokesperson LPP in a press conference at Lahore today. Similarly, Nisar Shah general secretary LPP issued a press release in Islamabad in this regard.

LPP leaders told the press that APDM have served its purpose by getting rid of the military dictatorship.

“The political scenario have changed. There is no need of the Left and Right to be on the same platform as military dictatorship have already been forced to resign”. LPP spokesperson said.

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LPP protest against Mumbai terrorist attacks in Lahore Pakistan

Report by: Farooq Tariq, Spokesperson, Labour Party Pakistan

Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) is organizing a protest against the terrorist attack on Mumbai, on 28 November at 4 pm at Shimla Pehari Lahore. This is to protest the growing terrorist attacks by religious fundamentalists and American imperialists. Ordinary people are paying the price of this bull fight. LPP will show solidarity with those killed and injured in Mumbai attacks. Please join if you are in Lahore.

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