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Portuguese Communists ready to form government with Socialists

LISBON – The head of Portugal’s Communist Party said on Wednesday it along with the Socialists and a smaller leftist party could form a majority government as an alternative to the center-right.

Political uncertainty has enveloped Portugal since an inconclusive Oct. 4 election, with both caretaker Social Democratic prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho and Socialist leader Antonio Costa now striving to form different governments.

A protracted political stand-off could undermine a nascent economic recovery in Portugal just a year after it emerged from an international financial bailout.

“From our point of view there is another government solution that blocks the (center-right) Social Democrats and CDS from forming a government,” Communist leader Jeronimo de Sousa told reporters after meeting President Anibal Cavaco Silva.

“There is a large majority of lawmakers (ready) to form a Socialist-led government, which will allow it to present a program and start working with lasting solutions to defend national interests, workers and the Portuguese people.”

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Afghanistan: NATO’s mission impossible – by Shiraz Paracha

…. But in 1991, all that ended abruptly with the smooth and peaceful split of the Soviet Union. The West painted the Soviet demise as its victory. But in fact, it was the biggest shock for the huge Western military and propaganda machine.

The Cold War mindset was not ready to accept the new change. The mysterious attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001 and the subsequent ‘war on terror’ filled the enemy vacuum for the Cold War warriors, but it did not help an organization like NATO that was created on the concept of traditional warfare.

In the post-1945 era, despite their technological superiority and military and economic power, Western countries did not fight directly against powerful states. Proxy wars were the West’s preferred method throughout the Cold War period.

Nevertheless, in the 1990s, the West opted for military interventions and regime changes. Western countries acted as a pack of wolves and attacked small and weak states. The strategy provided an opportunity to lightweights such as Bush and Blair to imitate Churchill and Roosevelt and appear strong and victorious.

But the US defeat in Iraq and the NATO’s failed mission in Afghanistan have proven that military occupations and interventions are counterproductive and expose weaknesses of occupiers and aggressors.

Today, NATO is disillusioned and disoriented. It is demanding from its member states to allocate at least two percent of their GDPs to defense budgets. In a desperate effort to keep its large and bureaucratic structures and huge budget, NATO has been adding vague, unrealistic and ambiguous aims and objectives to its mission. It has committed blunders like Afghanistan but its commanders did not seem to have learned any lessons.

Regardless of the Lisbon rhetoric, not all NATO member states can afford ever increasing military budgets to counter open-ended threats and fight unspecified enemies. Weakening European economies need trade and investment rather than wars. They rely on energy but the energy sources are out of Europe. Skilled labor and markets are beyond the geographical sphere of the most NATO states. And most NATO countries certainly do not have the will and capacity for missions impossible, like the one in Afghanistan.

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