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Dark circles and Lines under the Eyes

Apply moist Luke warm tea bags under the eyes or make two cotton pads dipping from black tea and put under the eyes. The tea bags contain inflammation-reducing compounds which quickly reduce dark circles, puffiness and lines under the eyes. Also try to apply yogurt under eyes or turmeric (Head or Haldi) paste or apply vitamin E-containing creams. Cucumber slices are also help to remove dark circles and lines under the eyes. Eat green leafy and colorful vegetables and fruits, eat figs (engeer)Vitamin B-complex 25 mg daily, Magnesium 10 mg (seeds and nuts are the great source of magnesium) and yogurt with full glass of water (lasi without sugar and salt) everyday early in the morning. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of fresh crystal clear water everyday. Add turmeric and raw onion, garlic, ginger in your foods.