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Reinstatement of Judges- To discuss ourselves our misgivings

by Kausar Skhan, kausar.skhan@aku.edu
It would help if share analysis, Just saying Punjab has won is a mere statement which is not backed by any reasoning… yes Sharif brothers have won (or PML N has won) because their case will be revisited. Period. Just because they supported the lawyers and the lawyer’s won, does not mean Punjab has won. The lawyers’ movement cut across all provincial, religious and gender differences. They rose as one profession for one cause. I fail to see how we can leap to the conclusion that Punjab has won. If the deadlock had continued, and army stepped in then YES Pakistan would have lost. Now, Pakistan has won. Having said my two bit, I would like to clarify that we need to discuss among ourselves our misgivings , our perceptions and analysis. They are all very important.