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Zero Tolerance for Religious Extremism in Sindh – Hundreds March against Murders of Hindus

Hyderabad: Hundreds of protesters marched in Hyderabad city against the murder of three Hindus in Shikarpur on the call of Joint Action Committee for Peace and Justice. The protest march began from the Besant Hall, a 20th century Theosophical Society icon of Sindh under the slogan of “Fill the Besant Hall against Religious Intolerance.”

The marchers that walked on in various roads of the down town for a few hours culminated into congregations in front of Hyderabad Press Club. The prominent of which were Punhal Sariyo (Sindh Harri Porhiyat Council), Zulfiqar Shah (Institute for Social Movements), Rasool Bux Palejo (Awami Tehreek), Amar Sindhu (Women Action Forum), Mustafa Baloch (Strengthening Participatory Organization), Dr. Ashothama (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan), Jabar Bhatti (Indus Institute for Research and Education), Mahesh Kumar (We Journalist, Pakistan), Jaffer Memon (Hyderabad Press Club), Iqbal Mallah, Shehnaz Shidi (South Asia Partnerships Pakistan), Akash Mallah (Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz) Noor Nabi Rahoojo and Vishno Mal(Awami Jamhoori Party), Jan Mohammad Junejo (Sindh Tarraqi Pasand Party), Nawaz Khan Zaunr (Jeay Sindh Mahaz), Seher Rizvi (Sindh United Party), Hafeez Kumbhar, Noor Mohammad Bajeer (Civil Society Support Program), Parveen Magsi (Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum), Kashif Bajeer (SPARC), Taj marri (Awami Party), Zahid Messo (Bhandar Sangat), Ikhtyar Tunio (SDPD Nawabsha), Rahmatullah Truk (VISWA – Matyari), Advocate Sajjad Chandio, Advocate Inderjit Luhano, Abass Khoso (IRADO) and others.

A declaration was read out and was unanimously carried by the participants. The resolution is as under:

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Army wants Rangers’ operation to continue

– By Shamim-ur-Rahman and Baqir Sajjad Syed

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani was briefed on Wednesday on the overall security situation in Karachi, an ISPR press release said.

The COAS, who visited the Corps Headquarters here, was also briefed on the flood situation in Sindh and the rescue and relief efforts being undertaken by the army.

A delegation of notables from the business community of Karachi also called on Gen Kayani and apprised him of their concern over effects of the law and order situation on business and industrial activities in the city.

Corps Commander Lieutenant General Muhammad Zahir ul Islam also attended the meeting.

Anticipating an early end to Karachi operation, the army has cautioned the government that the city could once again descend into lawlessness if special powers for Rangers were withdrawn.

“Progress in Karachi is reversible and operation being conducted by Rangers must continue,” a military official told Dawn on Wednesday.

He was speaking after Gen Kayani attended a briefing in Karachi on the ongoing Rangers’ operation against target killers, extortionists and terrorist groups.

The government has already said it will not extend the operation beyond the mandated period. It appeared from conversation with some military officers, who attended the briefing, that the government could end the operation prematurely and again hand over the responsibility of maintaining peace in the city to police, citing improvement in situation.

The army is, however, not ready to trust the city’s police, which is considered to be highly politicised and lacking the capacity to effectively act against all terrorists. …

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A Rubberband Kind of Year: See You Later Pakistan – By Bryan Farris


…. Pakistan is a land of extremes: from extreme heat to extreme hospitality. From extreme religious sentiment to extreme devotion to food. From extremely exaggerated journalism to an extremely undervalued global reputation.

What most of the world fails to realize is just how beautiful this country is and how spectacular its people truly are. It is impossible to overlook the problems: Pakistan is facing lawlessness in Karachi, a violent political system, jaw-dropping inflation, an insufficient power supply and terrorists staking claim over the northern areas. These are real issues that do exist: but they do not define Pakistan—as much of the world would have you believe.

While it may be impossible to overlook the problems, it is (apparently) quite possible to overlook the splendor that a country like Pakistan offers.

Where else do you greet every stranger with the phrase “Peace be with you”?

Where else do you find BBQ Chicken Tikka that melts in your mouth?

Where else is being 20 minutes late considered on-time? ….

…… Pakistanis are hospitable. I’ve spent my entire time here living with a host family. At first I was a guest, but Jean, Wilburn, Asim, Maria, Susie, John, Ben, Thomas, Annie, Tashu and Ethan made me feel so welcome that they became family. I know I have a home here forever. Anywhere you go in Pakistan, people will welcome you with open arms (and probably a even a hug—from strangers too).

Pakstanis are loyal. I mean…crazy loyal. When you make a Pakistani friend, you’ve created a serious bond. Leaving is so hard because I feel such powerful ties with people here. For my farewell dinner, a co-worker (but really a new best friend), Jamshaid, made two 9 hour trips between our site in the flood affected areas and Lahore just to join for dinner. Another friend of mine who had moved out of Lahore months ago made a 250Km round trip to meet me for Sehri breakfast at 3am. I’ve never felt so honored.

Pakistanis love tea. If this isn’t self-evident, I don’t know what is. Pakistanis love to sit down, stir their chai and chat. Spending time with others and building quality relationships is so important. Back home people tend to fly through their days, but in Pakistan, every moment with another is cherished.

Pakistanis are optimistic. I’ve never been somewhere where young people were as energized about opportunities in their own country as here. There is a bright future ahead and Pakistan’s youth are driving it. A few friends of mine—Ali, Babar, Zehra, Saba, Jimmy, Khurram—have inspiring aspirations for change in PK.

This is the Pakistan that the world needs to come to know. Yes, there are terrorists and violence, and that can’t be forgotten, but if that is your perception, then you are judging a book by the headlines.

Sure, there are probably safer ways I could have spent this year, but then I wouldn’t have been stretched in the way that I have been.

Pakistan has become a part of me; it has forever changed me, my perspective on the world, and my trust in humanity.

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Awami Tahreek held a national conference on “National & Democratic Question in Pakistan”

Awami Tahreek held a national conference on “National & Democratic Question in Pakistan and ways & means to uproot terrorism and lawlessness” in Karachi on Sunday May 24, at Regent Plaza Hotel.

Some 500 delegates of various political parties, civil society, NGO activists, writers and intellectuals participated in the day long conference from all four provinces. More than 40 reporters/representatives of media houses were also present to report/cover the event.

24 political parties attended the conferences. On National Question, only Aitzaz Ahson called for abolition of concurrent list and giving maximum provincial autonomy to provinces under 1973 constitution, while PML N remained silent over ‘National Question’ issue, their spokesman Siddiqul Farooq made loaded attacks on army’s political role, even said “down/death to army’s political role “foj ka siyasi kardar murdabad”.

Conference passed a unanimous resolution calling for new social contract based on “1940 Lahore Resolution’. Conference also called for settling refugees of Swat operation in NWFP province, it called on people of country to extend full support to the victims of the conflict. Another resolution stated “allowing these refugees to enter in Sindh would create law and order situation, would create an opportunity for some political groups to create and cause disturbance in Sindh.

Conference demanded constituting a “High Power Commission” to investigate and find out the crimes committed in formulating country’s defense, foreign and economic policy, to investigate how recklessly wars have been fought, and find out who is responsible for letting country go to these wars and misleading the people.

AT Chief Rasool Bux Palijo in his presidential address said “ Karachi is ours, we will fight, Sindhis take time in getting warmed up but once they wake up, you can not calm them down.”. He said ‘ Pakistan was not created by religious bigots, people in British India did not respond to the political line of religious lines, Muslims of Sub-continent followed the person whom Moulvis called “Kafar-e-Azam”. He said Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Iqbal did not believe in creating a theocratic state. Sir Syed believed the Sharia laws could solve problems of backward societies while Iqbal called ‘Ijtehad’ reforming the sharia laws. He said that these politico-religious forces are ignorant of modern knowledge and state affairs. He said Prophet Mohammad and his close associates were not moulvies likes these Mullahs, Sallahuddin Ayobi was not a mullah. These extremist forces were created, funded and sponsored by America , they are not creatures of our land and region. People never believed in them, never supported them. He said Pakistan has not been a free country for a single day since its inception. This is a client state run incompetent generals who were not above than brigadier’s level but were made commander in chiefs of Pakistan army, these generals have failed Pakistan and us. America used Punjab against three provinces and Punjab foolishly allowed itself to play that role, and now three provinces are being used against Punjab by America , but we will not be used against Punjab . Without naming MQM, Palijo said terrorist group is inflicted terror on citizens of Sindh forgetting that all those who were backed up by Americans have no place to live, from Shah of Iran to Saddam and Pinochet, the once who side with Americans go for forever. He said that separatist movements are now supported by imperialist forces in order to create Bhutan like small states, easy to swallow and dictate. He said we have serious complains and problems with Punjab, but it is thanks to their rule that we can meet and speak here but there been a “Desh” MQM and Pagaro would not have even allowed people like you and me to speak”

Among the prominent speakers at the conference were:

1. Rasool Bux Palijo, Awami Tahreek

2. Aitzaz Ahson, Leader of layers

3. Munir A Malik, former President Supreme Court Bar Association

4. Siddiqul Farooq, Central information Secretary of PML N

5. Abid Minto, President National Workers Party

6. Dr. Qadir Magsi, Chairman STP

7. Amin Khattak, Provincial General Secretary ANP

8. Abdul Rahim Mandokhel, General Secretary PKMAP

9. Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah, Sindh United Party

10. Mujib Pirzado, Convenor, Sindh Autonomy Council

11. Shah Mohammad Shah, Save Sindh Movement

12. Dr. Hayee Baloch, National Party (Balochistan)

13. Dr. Ishaq Baloch, National Party (Balochistan)

14. Sarwar Bari, Intellectual from Punjab

15. Prof. Jamil Umar, Convenor Awami Jhamhori Ithad ( Lahore )

16. Rauf Sasoli, Jhamhori Watan Party (JWP)

17. Ayob Shar, Sindh National Front

18. Azhar Jatoi, Sindh Hari Committee

19. Mohammad Ali Shah, Fisher Folk Forum

Aitzaz paid glowing tribute to workers of Sindhiyani Tahreek (women activist of Awami Tahreek) for their brave role in lawyers movement, “participation of Sindhiyan Tahreek activists actually made lawyers movement as true peoples movement, five minute long clapping tribute was given by audience and lawyers to Sindhiyani Tahreek, who were present in the conference in a good number. Workers of Sindhiyani Tahreek were conducting the proceedings of the conferences.

MQM and JUI-F was not invited in the conference, while PPP and JSQM stayed out of the conference, did not show up. Sindhi leadership of JI was invited but Asadullah Bhutto and Dr. Mumtaz Memon did not come.