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Chief Justice (R) Sajjad Ali Shah Exposes Pakistan Judiciary Corruption

Ethnic Discrimination in Pakistan Judicial System. The language of the interview is urdu (Hindi).

Courtesy: → Meher Bokhari via → ChagataikhanYouTube

WSC asks all the Sindhi political and civil society organisations, technocrats, and intellectuals to rise above political differences, and to work together in order to help and lead people out of this flood disaster


London – The unprecedented floods in Sindh continue even after a month. Scandalously still new major towns and hundreds of villages continue being inundated resulting in displacement of hundreds of thousands more Sindhis, bringing further destruction of communities, livelihood, crops, homes and infrastructure.

WSC believes, that the current floods in Sindh and resulting unprecedented destruction is a concerted effort to direct the destructive powers of a natural phenomenon to eliminate and uproot a nation and subject them to a long-term process of slow genocide. These assertions are based on the following facts, inferences and analysis:

1. Sindh has been drowned resulting from literally hundreds of breaches to river waters in Kashmore, Jacobabad, Sukkur, Shikarpur, Larkana, Dadu and Thatta. There are serious questions, suspicions and concerns within Sindhi people, and now even the government circles, about the first major breach, Thori bund. This breach so far has resulted in displacement of about five million people, drowning of 4000 towns and villages, loss of trillions of worth property and crops and immeasurable pain, suffering and indeterminate consequences. The British authorities who built the Sukkur barrage recommended cutting river Indus from Ali Wahan if the water levels cross the threshold of barrage’s capacity. As the waters will then divert to the desert areas of Naro, Thar and eventually ending in sea taking historical routes of Hakro and Mehrano riverbeds. Off course, this also would have resulted in displacement but the population is sparse, sand has far greater ability to absorb water and people in such circumstances occupy high locations on sandy dunes. It is now emerging that the river Indus was cut at Thori to mainly to save Panoo Aaqil cantonment, Qadirpur gas installations and Fauji Fertiliser.

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Flood IDPs Camps in Karachi

Due to violent monsoon and floods thousands of people have already migrated from Ghotki, Sukkur, Larkana, Shikarpur and Jacobabad. In a latest development 90% of Jacobabad has been evacuated. Special trains have been mobilized for the refugees, heading towards Hyderabad and Karachi. Humanitarian Community is requested to respond accordingly. There may be some other camps but so far four camps are identified in Karachi by our civil society teams, political parties and media friends.

The mass evacuation of Jacobabad due to flood waters that are approaching fast to the city, Sindh Government has decided to move the IDPs from Jacobabad to Karachi , Hyderabad and Jamshoro. The current update is that CDGK has identified following four locations in Karachi where the IDPs will be brought in 1. Gaddap, 2. Bin Qasim Town, 3. Kiamari, 4. Toll Plaza

KARACHI: Chakra Goth, Korangi: In this camp at least 40 families, migrated from Thul, Jacobabad are living in very vulnerable conditions. To babies were born during floods and they are in a very critical health conditions.

Shah Rasool Colony, near Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazar, Saddar Town: 32 families are migrated from Kachho of Larkana, most are women and minor kids.

Mehmoodabad Graveyard: 45 families from different flood hit areas of upper Sindh are there and looking for help.

Sachal Goth: hundreds of flood survivors, displaced and now living on footpaths in a very pathetic situation. …

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, 13 Augsut 2010

Larkana : Supply of substandard drugs

Dr Ayoub Shaikh
Dr Ayoub Shaikh

by DR AYOUB SHAIKH, Karachi, Sindh

Courtesy: daily dawn

MY cousin, Hamida Shaikh, being pregnant was admitted, and delivered through Cesarean section at Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital, Larkana. She was not discharged.

The gynaecologist reopened her unhealed wound. But the wound did not heal at all in spite of heavy doses of antibiotics.

We collected samples of antibiotics and knocked at laboratory.

The Drug Testing Laboratory shocked my relatives and confirmed that the antibiotic suspension contained nothing else but ‘talcum powder’.

My relatives appealed, cried and persuaded the crime and criminal drug store, but in vain. After three long years they arrived at a conclusion that until and unless ‘punishment’ is given by the court concerned and stern action is taken by government departments this mafia-like situation would continue to arise and it would engulf the whole system of public and private hospitals in the region.

Studies and investigations show that the huge wholesale market in Larkana that supplies medicines from Dadu to Quetta resorts to different wrong practices. It has produced negative impacts on human psychology and general behaviour.

About 250 medical stores, being supervised by local authorities, run there business without all ‘quoted standards’ fixed by the health department. Approximately 20 per cent of these stores sell spurious medicines, two per cent of them sell medicines with 50 per cent profit margin of the original prices.

Another factor must be studied that people having no lawful permission carry out these wrong practices from Lahore to Larkana. Thugs in Larkana’s wholesale market, under the influence of thugs of Lahore, have been selling these substandard drugs subtly and openly.

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PPP is treating Sindh as PURCHASED SLAVE!

Deteriorating Sindh: PPP regime and our role

by: Zulfiqar Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh

I am writing these lines with great disappointment and anger on the state of affairs in Sindh in all sectors of governance and the conduct of present regime and especially the performance of PPP.

I have visited 18 districts of Sindh for a district level consultation to hear the voices of the people on six  issues education, health, food (agriculture, water and environment), housing, and natural resource management). This is an initiative of an international NGO.

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Pakistan is legging behind in education than it’s neighbouring countries

Report by: Prof. Mukhtiar Ahmed Samo, Larkana, mukhtiarsamo@yahoo.com

“It is disappointing to note that our country is legging behind in education even from our neighbouring countries, which shows lukewarm response of our governments of all times to the education in the country. It is crucial to take measures for educating and safeguarding children because if we fail to ensure good education, and protection to the child today we can not expect stable, peaceful and prosperous society tomorrow because child is the foundation of the society. Firm foundation is essential for fortified building”. This was stated by the girl students while speaking in speech competition on ” Education to child is like water to crop” held here by Knowledge Centre Larkana. It was presided over by panel of educationists Nawab Ali Khokhar and Prof. Mukhtiar Ahmed Samo.

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Let’s leave a better world for our children

Larkana needs Univeristy

By: Mukhtiar Samo

Larkana is the one century old district which had population of 2.2 million before its recent bifurcation into two when district Kambar Shahdadkot was carved out from it in the second half of the year 2005. It has now population of 1.2 million people. Larkana has been the centre of education, business and the politics throughout the history. It is the home town of Two Prime Ministers, three Chief Ministers and many ministers, present education minister of Sindh included, prominent politicians, intellectuals and the professionals.

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Education strengthens democracy

– Mukhtiar Samo, Larkana

Knowledge Centre Larkana held an speech competition on ““Education strengthens democracy” which was presided over by Haji Munwar Ali Abassi, member provincial Assembly Sindh. Major(rtd) AbdulRehman Shaikh, principal SZABIST College Larkana was the Chief guest on the occasion.

The speakers on that occasion said that Tyranny always takes birth in the darkness of ignorance while the light of education gives birth to the democratic values which benefit the society hence it becomes fortified. The speakers further said that democracy with all its deficiencies and defects is yet better form of the government. Unfortunately it is very said to say that in Pakistan democracy has not been allowed to grow its roots deeply because of interference by anti-democratic elements and the low rate of literacy in the country. They further said that democracy ensure the protection of all basic rights of the people.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Munawar Ali Abbasi said that educated society nourish democracy and only truly democratic governments could be able to address the grievances of the people and solve there problems. He further said quality education ensures many good things into the society strengthening democracy is one of them. He said that Shaheed Zulfkar Ali Bhutto was the first democratic leader who laid the foundation of the democracy in the country for first time in the history of the country. He eulogized the knowledge centre for involving the students in such intellectual discussions. Major (rtd) Abdul Rehman Sheikh said that practicing true democracy is also worship as it was last prophet of the God who set the example of true democracy by establishing a welfare state in the Madina. True democracy is the name of identifying ones responsibilities and fulfilling them so as to provide relief to the people. Prof. Mukhtiar Ahmed Samo honorary Director

of knowledge Centre said that Educational institutions should create democratic trends in their students which will result into generating tolerance and sense og fellow-feeling amongst the young people. He further said that Education enlightens the beholder and helps in electing the true and meritorious representation which becomes the base of the democracy. Among others who took participation in the competion included Shahnawaz leghari, Aqsa Ansari, Sheeraz Soomro, Mohammad Hassan Sohu. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd position waere won by Waqar ahmed leghari, Waqash Kumar and Mehran Zulfkar Sangi respectively.

July 31, 2008

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