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They will never learn

by M. Raza

Why don’t the establishment accept 1940’s Lahore resolution of Pakistan ??? which says clearly the word **SOVEREIGN STATES**!! After losing half of country (east Pakistan or Bangladesh), the establishment still dreaming? Why shall the provinces who share 70% of revenue suffer? For what? In which AYAT it is written that Islamabad/ establishment can  exploit other provinces in the name of Islam and Pakistan.


The struggle for the restoration of judiciary is not a Punjab struggle or Punjab cause; it is a struggle of a vast majority, including Sindhis

judges The following is an excellent example of a good Sindhi debate on the restoration of judiciary that really enriches the mind. It shows the finer differences between various point of views in an intelligent way with excellent articulation.

-Suraya Makhdoom, U.K,   smakhdoom3@yahoo.co.uk

Sindhis shouldn’t feel depressed, sad and defeated by the restoration of pre Nov 2007 Judiciary, including the reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohd Choudhry. The said judiciary was illegally and highhandedly removed by the dictator General Musharraf and the struggle, which included long marches, had started from that very day. Hence initially, it was a struggle against Musharraf and his dictatorial policies. Almost all the opposition political forces, including PPP, supported that struggle at that time. Would you deny that late Shaheed Benazir marched up to Justice Choudhry’s dwellings and declared him as the Chief Justice of Pakistan? Restoration of judiciary was an election manifesto of many parties, including PML-N and PPP, who also entered into an alliance to that effect.
But after the 2008 election, PPP backed off its promise and delayed the issued under legal and constitutional wrangling. Zardari, thus, took upon himself to fight the battle of a dictator, which made the struggle look like directed against him.
The struggle for the restoration of judiciary is not a Punjab struggle or Punjab cause; it is a struggle of a vast majority, if not all the people, including Sindhis, who supported this cause from day 1. As a nation and as apeople, Sindhis have proud traditions to support the cause of justice and the oppressed. We should be proud of our principled stance. Many Sindhi people and parties/organisations are a part of that struggle and have given their lives for it. Hence the restoration of Justice Iftikhar is a triumph for Sindhis as well.

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The Judge And The Fudge

Friday, 20 March 2009.
Contrary to media hype, both Mr. Zardari and Mr. Sharif have been cut down to size. Zardari has been snubbed, and Nawaz can’t use the judge card anymore. The military effectively ended politicians from exploiting the problem for political gain. Aitzaz is busy trying to return to his party by – believe it or not – hijacking the reinstatement of the judge in favor of PPPP. The two, Zardari and Nawaz, still have to account for shamelessly leading Pakistan to civil war. One blocked Pakistan’s exports by impounding all cargo containers and the other had no problem if his activists snatched and torched cars and public property as long as it served ‘public interest.’ Then there’s the role of Balochistan, a positive note in concluding this report.

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LPP strikes at Sharif factories

– Farooq Tariq, Lahore

On 21 March, workers at Choudry Sugar Mills and Hamza Board at Gojra in district Toba Tek Singh, a complete strike was observed. Over 700 workers walked out of the two factories owned by Sharif family to demand for a minimum wage set by the government. They were demanding at least Rupees 6000 minimum wage. At present, many workers were paid less than Rupees 4000.

Led by activists of Labour Party Pakistan, the workers blocked the main road linking Toba Tek Singh to Faisalabad for three hours. Police tried to frighten the workers with repression. However, workers refuse to leave the main road until they speak to Hamza Shahbaz, son of Mian Shahbaz Sharif. Hamza is also a member of national assembly. He is the responsible person for the factories from Sharif family.

This was the first ever strike in the two factories. There are 1000 workers in both factories and majority of them walked out.

Tariq Mehmood, general secretary LPP district Toba and Shabir Ahmad, secretary LPP Gojra and leader of Labour Qaumi Movement (LQM) along with other LPP activists have been trying the process of unionization in the two factories. They had fly posted the poster of Trade Unions Action Committee For Minimum Wages calling for the implementation of Rupees 6000 minimum wage for unskilled labour. That helped to make the first contacts within the factory.

Today, they were leading a first ever strike in a factory where there is no formal union yet.

Hamza Shahbaz spoke to Tariq Mehmood on phone and told him that he respects LPP very much. He assured that a minimum wage will be paid and that all the contract labour will be employed on permanent basis.

A meeting of workers representatives and Hamza Shahbaz is now fixed for 31 March in Gojra.

The workers went back to factory with an assurance that all their problems will be solved. This was a unique incident. No one ever dared to form a union in the two factories next to each other. There was no one ever thinking of strike. However, with the success of the long march, a new wave of enthusiasm has been witnessed among the workers. They decided to speak up and in loud manner.

Workers have agreed to form a union and work with LQM and LPP.

March 22, 2009

Style of politics!

by: GN mughul

.. The then Sindhi Chief Justice of Pakistan, Syed Sajjad Shah was also one of the victim of Nawaz Sharif’s style of politics. Not to that extent but one more Sindhi i.e. former Caretaker Prime Minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi was also one of the victims of Nawaz Sharif. The fact is that when the then PP Government headed by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was dissolved, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi was inducted as the Caretaker Prime Minister with the promise that after the general elections he would continue as Prime Minister of Pakistan. But, after the elections, Nawaz Sharif rebelled against Ghulam mustafa Jatoi and establishment supported Nawaz Sharif and as the result of behind the scene manouverings Nawaz Sharif was made Prime Minister of Pakistan instead of Ghulam Mustaf Jatoi.

March 22, 2009

Poor People in Resource Rich Sindh!

Khalid Hashmani

By: Khalid Hashmani, USA
About the author: Khalid Hashmani is a veteran human rights activist in Washington DC. He is the founding President of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) and Chief coordinator of Sindhi Excellence Team (SET) that participates in advocacy activities on behalf of rural Sindhis. He can be reached at khashmani@hotmail.com
Rich with Oil and Gas but most backward area in Asia, the province of Sindh is the largest producer of oil and gas in Pakistan and yet it suffers one of the worst poverty levels in Asia. It produces 71 per cent of gas and 61 per cent of oil production in Pakistan. The daily production of oil and gas in Sindh is about 67,140 barrels and 3.99 billion cubic feet respectively. Yet most reports by organizations such as the World Bank call the rural areas of Sindh as most under-developed and deprived. A New York Times book review of a titled “A New Deal in Pakistan” by William Dalrymple (http://www.nybooks. com/articles/ 21194) says the following about Sindh:
“.. in fact, it is one of the most backward areas in all of Asia. Whatever index of development you choose to dwell on-literacy, health care provision, daily income, or numbers living below the poverty line-rural Sindh comes bumping along close to the bottom”.
Over-Centralization in Pakistan denies provincial rights
The plight of Sindh is due to over-centralization and exploitative policies of the central Pakistani government. The central government of Pakistan has usurped all revenue and income resources of the country including almost all forms of taxes and income earned from natural resources such as oil, gas, and coal.

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So called patriots, G..TV, Punjab card, and Nawaz Shairf Saheb

by Hameed Diplai
It’s difficult to understand that why some people don’t have problem? and why they keep silence when Nawaz Sharif Saheb play Punjab Card and chant the slogan “JAG PANJABI JAG“??
After assassination of PML (Q) played Punjab Card widely in its relief advertisements but no people raise his/her voice against Punjab Card but when some body ask in favor of Sindh, so-called patriots wake up and start criticizing and ridiculing.
I believe that media is sole responsible to aware people about the facts and unfold what is going behind curtain but it does not mean to be a party. I am agreed with the opinion that G.. TV has played a negative role in entire scenario and responsibility to exaggerate the situation lies on the shoulders of G.. team. G.. is working as an agent. G.. management should review the policy and avoid becoming a political party.

Mar 21, 2009

Source:  Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups

Opinion: Why don’t we support the great struggle of lawyers?

by: Sabir Hussain

Today most of “intellectuals”, “columnist” “professors”, “and all who have love & sympathy for Sindh & Sindhi nation, demanding from those who struggled for independence of judiciary, to raise issues of Sindh before Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhery in order to prove their struggle justified, but none of them have dare to raise voice on crucial issues of Sindh (like issue of water, NFC, resource, Jobs, Education, peace & justice in every subject, karo kari & wadera shahi, problems of jobs & admission for sindhies in colleges & universities of Karachi, and many more) in front of elected “SINDHI PRESIDENT” whose party is elected by votes of Sindhi people & whom for Sindh & sindhi people have given sacrifices in every age…

These leaders of Sindh who always got power because of the votes & sacrifices of Sindhi people have made life miserable of Sindh, peoples of Sindh are forced to sell their beloved child because there is no water even for KAFN DAFN, number of Sindhi women killed in the name of KARO KARI, there are no roads, no shelter, no food, no jobs for sindhi people, few agents & mafia is destroying education of Sindh since last 30 years in the Universities of Sindh, day by day sindhi people have been murdered socially, politically, economically but these MNAs, MPA, WADERAS and President have never wanted to arrest those people, the heart of Sindh Karachi is no go area for Sindhi people, there is no jobs and admission for Sindhi students in Karachi but these sold agents parliamentarian have done nothing against this illegal & horrors acts.

And even these columnists, journalists, have never even

written on these issues, they have not protest against these issues in front of the government of PPP.

In above said status Quo if Chief Justice wants to build independent judiciary  to provide justice & peace to the people of Sindh & Pakistan than what is wrong with it? If he refused to follow illegal actions & orders of a Dictator than what sin has he committed? And when he has taken sueo moto actions against following criminal acts than what illegal & unethical act has Choudhery done?

Remember that:

1)He took against action Federal Minister of PPP Hazar Khan Bijarani as he had done illegal act of SANG CHATTI and sold five younger innocent girls of a poor people.

2)He took actions against the administration of a hospital when a poor non Muslim farmer women dead on the road during her pregnancy because the administration of Hospital refused to admit her.

3)He took action against Qasimabad police as they arrested two younger innocent children.

4)He took action against illegal & unconstitutional sell of Steel Mill, as it was national assets of Sindh,

5)He took action against missing persons,

6)He took action against a police officer on murdered of poor labourer Rasool Bux Birohi

7)He took against Zamindar Abdul Rehman Mari as he murdered the whole family of a farmer Mano Bheel.

These and other positive and legal actions taken by CJ

Iftikhar, without any greedness, he did not differentiate that he is sindhi so he should not provide justice, or any other thing.

I think there is game played by the agencies to keep away

Sindhi people from great struggle of Judiciary, this struggled was done by every Pakistani without any fear & force only to see law & order in the country, every one wants independent judiciary and independent courts in Pakistan.

Now as for as issues of Sindh & Sindhi people concerned

so we don’t forget that every sindhi must play their role and ask elected MNAs, MPA and president to do justice with Sindhi on every issue, we should demand from this PPP Govt to make clear, legal & fair policies on main issues of Sindh, I am regret to say that still PPP Govt has not any clear policy against issues like Education, Water, NFC, Kala Bagh Dam, natural resource, if they have than

must announce to whole Sindhi nation that how they are going to resolve these burning issue.

In last I will say that please don’t misguide whole nation, and don’t irritate them by telling kiddy stories. Focus on struggle to resolve crucial and burning issues of Sindh and demand from your elected members & Govt to be fair with Sindh and do justice with sindhi nation & prove yourself as real son of great soil.

21 March, 2009

Pakistan is undergoing very interesting times

pak_usby Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
The writer can be reached at khashmani@hotmail.com
Those of you who live within the commuting distance of Washington DC are urged to attend an important discussion on Federalism and Democracy in Pakistan on Friday, March 20 at 12 PM at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).
Pakistan is undergoing very interesting times with developments that are both encouraging and alarming at the same time. The good news is that the present Government listened to the overdue demand of people to restore justices that were illegally fired by General Musharraf. The bad news is that some are declaring PPP and President Asif Zardari as villains and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N as heroes in the crisis that just ended. The fact is that PPP and President Zardari did display admirable flexibility by announcing restoration of justices. As more and more news of what happened in the last few days trickles, it appears that PML-N had chosen the part of confrontation and wanted to instigate inter-provincial fighting in order to put pressure on the Pakistan military to over-throw the present government.
This seminar is an opportunity to probe into questions such as what motivated Punjab and federal security forces to refuse maintain the writ of duly elected federal government in Punjab, where as the security forces become ruthless in other provinces? Were any anti-Sindh slogans raised during the long march demonstrations? Why are anti-Sindhi slogans raised in at least some of the gatherings organized by PML-N, Jamait-i-Islami and Tahrik-e-Insaf. These are important questions, particularly for the people of small provinces of Pakistan.
I have also noticed that some Pakistani academician and Think-tank people continue to feed wrong information to the US policy advisors. I am also alarmed that in the last couple of Washington DC seminars, the same people are proposing creation of 16 provinces/divisions .
It is imperative that overseas Sindhis should show renewed energy and participate vigorously in advocacy activities to ensure that the same forces who ensured that the writ of elected government is ignored in Punjab do not succeed in securing US support for the proposal to create 16 provinces in Pakistan.

Justice Chaudhry returns!

iftakharWASHINGTON DIARY: Justice Chaudhry returns
by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA
March 17th, 2009
Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Times
The restoration of Justice Chaudhry may neutralise him as a symbol of the movement for justice and equality. However, on closer examination, for the masses supporting the independence of judiciary, the concept of equality and justice is about more than placing independent judges in the superior courts.

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Are Sindhis, Blochis & Pashtuns Third Grade Citizens of Pakistan?

by Mohammad Mataro Hingorjo, Final Year MBBS, LUMHS, Jamshoro, Sindh

The writer can be reached at drmataro.hingorjo@gmail.com
Some days back, Pakistan was in chaos, because the real public of Pakistan was on roads, government authorities refused to control them, government, military and America bent before the ocean of people of Pakistan finally we got the decision which was desired by the all first, second and third grade citizens of Pakistan.
When you will watch Geo TV, it is continuously thanking the various forces like military, government and America for the honour which they have paid to the people of Pakistan, majority of justice loving citizens were form Punjab, I remember the days like 12th may,18th October and so many other days when there were the huge crowds of people even two fold than the last two days gatherings, they were not honoured but they were bathed with blood by the same Establishment which is too much polite today, i don’t find the reason except they (Sindhis, Balochis, Pashtuns) are third grade citizens not so heavier as the current were, nobody of them was the relative of any personnel of Establishment.
So establishment troops were free of any hesitation to fire at any body who comes in the way of their guns’ barrels, we (Sindhis, Blochis & Pashtuns) are the third grade citizens, we need to suicide or stand up for the gross route revolution.

Benazir Bhutto was, in the eyes of many, that is why she was killed

bbBenazir Bhutto was, in the eyes of many, the last national figure capable of doing this. Perhaps that is why she was killed.
Courtesy: The Guardian, Tuesday 17 March 2009
Back from the brink
The latest nail-biting crisis in Pakistan ended yesterday with jubilant scenes on the streets of Islamabad and sighs of relief in Washington and London. Just as protesters were about to descend on the capital in their thousands, President Asif Zardari backed down by agreeing to reinstate the chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. And Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the opposition, called off a sit-in outside parliament which would have ended in the overthrow of the government.

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Anti-Sindh slogans shouted by participants of the long march in Lahore!

MQM threatens to pull out of coalition
Courtesy and thanks: Daily Times
LAHORE: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee has decided that the party would quit the coalition from the Sindh and federal governments within 48 hours if the Sindh government did not take notice of anti-Sindh slogans shouted by participants of the long march in Lahore. A private TV channel reported on Sunday that the decision was made in a joint meeting of the party’s London and Pakistan coordination committees. The meeting condemned the slogans and said any slogan against the people of Sindh would not be tolerated. The committee sent its decision to London for MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s approval. Meanwhile, the MQM chief called upon those who cared for the country’s solidarity to ponder over the views expressed by the JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman in an interview to another TV channel, APP reported. Hussain said Fazl’s views should be considered instead of being criticised. daily times monitor/app.

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Chief Justice reinstated

iftakharPakistan said to give in to protesters’ demands
by Laura King,
Courtesy and Thanks: LA Times
March 15th, 2009
– Wichaar.com

Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan – Wild rejoicing erupted in the Pakistani capital early Monday amid news reports that the government would capitulate to protesters’ demands to reinstate the popular chief justice fired by former President Pervez Musharraf. Word of the reversal by the government of President Asif Ali Zardari came as a huge caravan led by opposition leader Nawaz Sharif bore down on the capital in defiance of a government ban. Police resistance had melted away hours earlier as the convoy left Lahore, a center of Sharif’s power, with the crowd that accompanied him dismantling barricades along the 200-mile stretch of road to the capital. As the night wore on, thousands of followers flocked to the slow-moving convoy’s route, throwing rose petals and dancing by the roadside.

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There is No Statesman in PML(N)- May Allah help us!

by: Khan Arif
All they can do to issue inflammatory statements distorting facts. We lost Eastern wing (Bangladesh) because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time and the manner of yielding to the conditions for national integrity. Statesmen may make mistakes but they make amends when needed. The essence of statesmanship is not a rigid adherence to the past, but a prudent and probing concern for the future. It is because of statesmanship in PPP that they formed Ruling Alliance not only in Federal capitol but also in the three provinces and they also joined Punjab Government fro a brief period. By reconciling their differences PPP and MQM have shown statesmanship and one wishes that Nawaz League also does that.In the past he had irreconcilable differences not only with President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, but also Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, and he participated in toppling PPP Government twice and Junejo government and went back on his promises with MQM and ordered military crackdown creating MQM Haquqi group of militants for bashing Altaf group. Now it is his third attempt to topple PPP Government by raising calls of civil disobedience and rebellion and calling the parliament and judiciary bogus. If this is called statesmanship may Allah help us.

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No where in history judiciary has been independent in the absence of democracy

protest2by Abdul Latif Khuhro, latifk@hotmail.com
No where in history judiciary has been independent in the absence of democracy. Normally, parliament is the forum where political battles are fought. That is the democratic norm to which the PML-N continues to be publicly committed. However, Nawaz Sharif’ pronouncement indicates that the PML-N has jettisoned the parliamentary route and opted for flexing its muscles on the streets…

The real goal of PML-N is to topple the PPP govt

by Prof. Gul Agha

It is clear that the real goal of PML-N is to topple the PPP govt., as they did last time they controlled Punjab. PML- N who attacked the Supreme Court have never apologized or even acknowledged their sins. They do not respect this one either and would not respect any other. The only reason they are interested in restoring the most recent past Chief Justice, CJ is to get President Zardari out-of-the-way. After all, they are not demanding restoring Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah…..

March 13, 2009

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.


Govt. on suicide mission; Raza Rabbani, others must speak up, join long march
by Aziz Narejo, Huston, TX, USA
The writer can be reached at anarejo@yahoo.com
The situation is as bad as it gets. Political forces in the country have finally collided with each other against the wishes of the people who wanted them to bury the hatchet, work together, strengthen democracy, eradicate corruption, terrorism and poverty, provide education and health to citizens, solve other serious issues facing the country, end inequalities and discrimination and build a system based on justice and fairness.
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Zardari Follows Musharraf? Nawaz Sharif says

nzPakistan Muslim Leage- Nawaz (PML- N) chief Nawaz Sharif had said that people are not willing to accept the judges appointment by former president Pervez Musharraf. Addressing a public rally in Norwal on Monday, he said that massive public turn out was prelude to change. “Zardari has embraced Musharraf- appointment judges,” he said, adding that change was indispensable. Addressing to general public meeting, he said President Zardari offered him to compromise with the PCO judges but he refused to do so and sacrificed the CM-ship and government of Punjab. He appealed to the people to participate in the long march for the supremacy of the constitution and for the restoration of the judiciary.

Pakistan is a Threat to Entire World? – Pranab Mukherjee says

Condemning the attack on Sri Lankan players in Lahore, India today said terrorism based in Pakistan is a “grave” threat to the entire world and warned that such acts would not stop till Islamabad takes “prompt” and “decisive” steps to dismantle terror infrastructure. Underlining that it is in Islamabad’s own interest to destroy the facilities for terror and bring such perpetrators to justice, New Delhi asked it to focus on this aspect rather than diverting attention of world community to others issues. “Attack on Sri Lankan team is highly condemnable,” External Affairs Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee said.

Save the Subcontinent

peaceNo War demonstration in Lahore
Report by: Javed Ahmad, Lahore, Pakistan
While the accelerating danger of war between India and Pakistan, a peace demonstration in Lahore on 20 December demanded no war between the two countries. Over 100 activists of Labour Party Pakistan and Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party demanded an end of war of fanaticism.

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Obama’s mother stayed in Pakistan for 5 years

From *Daily Waqt* – published from Lahore, Pakistan, Sunday August 31, 2008:

Obama’s mother stayed in Pakistan for 5 years

Lahore (Pervez Al-Islam): The mother of American Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, Mrs. Ann Dunham lived in Pakistan for five years. During this time, Barack Obama also visited his mother and stayed for a few months. Mrs. Ann Dunham was hired as a consultant by the Asian Development Bank for Pakistan Agricultural Development Bank’s Gujranwalla Agricultural Development Program. This program began in 1987 and ended in 1992. Mrs. Ann Dunham monitored the funds received for this program from the Asian Development Bank and trained the Mobile Credit Officers of the Agricultural Bank. This program was controlled from the Gujranwalla Regional Office. She stayed for five years in the Hilton International Hotel (now Avari Hotel), Lahore. She traveled daily from Lahore to Gujranwalla. When Barack Obama visited Pakistan, he stayed in the same hotel. After returning from Pakistan, she died from cancer within three years.

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Left parties to oppose imperialism and religious fundamentalism

Report by: Tariq Mehmood, Lahore
The leaders of the Awami Jamhoori Tehreek (Peoples Democratic Movement) have urged the working class of
Pakistan to rise up against imperialism and religious fundamentalism. Addressing a joint press conference at Lahore Press Club on 30 July, Abid Hasan Minto, Rasool Bukhsh Paleejo and Farooq Tariq said that we would oppose any imperialist military intervention in Pakistan.. They condemned the built up of NATO forces at Pakistan borders. 

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Quratul Ain Hyder had special affinity with Sindhi culture

By Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX

Quratul Ain Hyder, who had arrived in Pakistan in 1947, worked in a number of government organizations before moving back to India in 1960s.

She worked in the Press and Films department, which later became Information Department, as well as PIA publicity department at the inception of the airline. She writes in her autobiography, ‘Kaar-I Jahan Daraaz hai’, that the government of that time, mostly headed by the refugees from India, decided to sever all links with the kafir past of the area and begin the history from 1947. She mentions receiving a directive one day that ordered that the word ‘India’ could not be used anymore in Pakistan (maybe they thought that since India was derived from Indus, it would be sacrilegious to use it for an infidel country –mam) and instead Bharat be used. One day, a journalist, who did not like this meddling with the history, mockingly used the word ‘Red Bharti’ in his newspaper where he should have used ‘Red Indian’. The government got furious at his audacity and after dubbing him a communist put him behind the bars.

It was at that time that people like Mohammad Hasan Askari, Ishtiaque Qureshi, and others started raising the slogan of Islamic past of the country rather than the Indo-Muslim culture of the sub-continent. So much was their hatred for the people and the ancient culture of the area that they decided to change the name of Sindh University, established in 1948, since they thought the word Sindh smelt of the Indian past, to Jamia Karachi, and installed Dr. Ishtiaque Hasan Qureshi, a highly prejudiced man who openly called Sindhi culture, an infidel culture, as the VC of the university to correct its direction. Sindhis were told to open a new university somewhere else if they wanted to keep the name Sindh. Hence a new university with the name Sindh University got started in Hyderabad.

It reminds me one more incident from the same period to show the mindset of those people at that time:

Quratul Ain Hyder, who, unlike other migrants, had developed special affinity with the Sindhi culture, started learning Sindhi language quickly. One day, at Khairpur Mirs railway station, as she was about to board the train for Lahore, she said to Ali Ahmed Brohi, an information officer at that time, “Saaeen, rail jo chittho ta ddiyo” (Sir, give me the train ticket)

Muhammad Hasan Askari, who was standing by,  said to Quraratul Ain, “I can see that within few months you and your cousins will be conversing with each other in pure Sindhi (he used the word ‘Shudh’ Sindhi) instead of your own mother-tongue Urdu”.

Courtesy: SANAlist, April 24, 2008