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Zindagi Hik Natak … Saga of Sindhi Actor

Zindagi Hik NatakSaga of Sindhi Actor

The film uncovers theater Actor’s real life situation where his (Rajan) passion of acting and recognition from people makes him irresponsible towards his family duties. He chooses to continue acting at the cost of his family which is later realized when his wife (Geeta) leaves him alone. He becomes lethargic and realizes his mistakes which leads him to no mans land. But because of his versatile impression he has left over people and his community, he gets support and Geeta joins him back in this family oriented film. A must watch for all Sindhi Families.

Releasing in Theatres June 2009, Zindagi Hik Natak (زندگي هڪ ناٽڪ).. Saga of Sindhi Actor

Produced and Directed by Gopal Raghani, Writer: P B Chand, Music Virbhan, Cast – Suniel Jateily, Mayuri Raghani, Jeetu Vazirani, Seema Motwani, Sangeeta Lalla, Neeru Asrani Kapil Asrani

Here is the link of Sindhi Film Zindagi Hik Natak زندگي هڪ ناٽڪ Film Promo.


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