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Graduate Seminar on Pakistan’s Water Challenges: Need for Integrated Water Resources Management held at USPCAS-W MUET

Press Release – JAMSHORO, SEPTEMBER 29, 2018: Dr. Hassan Abbas, a renowned hydrologist and water expert of Pakistan said that a mega vision and strong will were needed to tackle the water challenges of Pakistan. While speaking in the graduate seminar on Pakistan’s Water Challenges: Need for Integrated Water Resources Management, held at U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro on Friday organized by the Center in collaboration with Center for Social Change (CSC), he said that one of the biggest challenges the country was facing is water pollution instead of water scarcity. He said that water resources were not diminished as perceived by all and sundry but the natural abundance water resources were being diverted which ultimately affect the lower riparian region. Talking about the Indus Delta, he said that the balance between the sea and the delta was only possible with the natural flow of water. He said that 24 acres of land in delta were being affected and 8 acres were completely inundated due to sea intrusion on a daily basis.

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Destruction Of Indus Delta As A Result Of Dams On Rivers In Pakistan

ذرا اس تباہی کو بھی دیکھ لیں

Sea incursion and intrusion has inundated & destroyed large areas of land in coastal areas of Thatho and Badin districts of Sindh. Historically prosperous indigenous people have become the poorest. They have lost their source of livelihood & many have been forced to leave their abode.

Indus Deltta jee tabaahi pahinjay akhhyun saan ddiso
انڊس ڊيلٽا جي تباهي پنهنجي اکين سان ڏسو

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Indus River: Water Scarcity And The Conflict Between Sindh And Punjab

The basic source of irrigation for Pakistan agriculture is the Indus River. Water resources are becoming shorter due to the irregular flow of water in the Indus River. To overcome the problem of water shortage and to meet the water demands of rising populations, the Punjab and the federal governments are in favor of constructing more dams in order to store the water which is being wasted otherwise. On the contrary, the Sindh holds the point that the construction of dams such as KBD and Bhasha dam would deprived them of their due shares from IBIS. There has been a distrust regarding water sharing between the two provinces.

The conflict between the two provinces exists since pre-partition and the issue is still a bone of contention between the two provinces as Sindh have reservations regarding the construction of KBD and other dams i.e. they see the building of KBD as a cause of desertification and water scarcity, however Punjab feels it necessary to construct more dams in order to save our coming generations from severe water scarcity.

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A Case Against Kalabagh Dam: Aziz Narejo

Filling in the Dots: Why PILDAT is Reviving Kalabagh Debate: Introductory Note by Kamran Shafi

Kalabagh Dam is a very bad idea indeed. If ONLY for the reason that 3 out of 4 federating units of this blessed country have rejected it.

I am familiar enough with the Mardan-Nowshera-Charsadda area well enough to know that when without this monstrosity there is water standing along the roads just three feet below the level of the road there has to be a big problem of water-logging already.

I can only hope that sense prevails and that our already frayed federation is not damaged further.

 We also must ask the question WHY an organisation whose goal is “to strengthen and sustain democracy and democratic institutions” in this poor country should re-raise a hugely contentious issue like the Kalabagh Dam? Which has been DEMOCRATICALLY rejected by three-fourths of the country.

This is not the first time that PILDAT has done this kind of thing – recall the “report” on the riches of our parliamentarians that PILDAT published just at the time when there were rumours afloat that the Establishment was about to move against the elected governments some months ago. Far more than that, there was no analysis – just a re-printing of the Election Commission’s data. In many cases the information was dated too, and had very little relevance to the present parliament.

Indeed if PILDAT was doing such a public service, why did it not publish the riches of our Air Marshals and Admirals and Generals and bureaucrats in comparison? (Kamran Shafi’s note courtesy criticalppp.com)

A case Against Kalabagh Dam – by Aziz Narejo

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The DAM!AGE Story of Pakistan

Story of “THE KALABAGH DAM” the most Controversial Dam, proposed on Great INDUS RIVER in Pakistan.

The DAM/AGE story of Pakistan

By Shahnawaz Chachar

This documentary film is the story of a Great Ancient River, of Indus Valley Civilization. A River that has been source of Peace & Prosperity for all habitant since thousands of years, story of Almighty River, Mother Indus

This story is about the KalaBagh Dam, the Proposed Hydro Electric Dam in Mianwali District of Punjab Province. Since the first feasibility conducted in 1983, The CaalaBaag Dam remained controversial for many reasons, all stakeholders, political parties, technical experts and vocal society groups have their own supportive and protective opinions and interests, over this controversial dam.

The supporters of KalaBagh Dam, praises high value benefits for country, such as increased & improved conventional irrigation system, effective flood control management, water reservoir for dry seasons, solution to highly demanded energy crises, and rapid growth in GDP.

At the other end, the dissenters’ side, they have critical concerns about KalaBagh Dam, this group believes that this dam could trigger, irreversible degradation, of the Indus River Ecosystem. It will displace thousands of people, loss of productive fertile land under water, and southern province the Sindh province would be the worst sufferer of degradation of nature, and it will devastate the strained ecology of the Indus delta.

Out of four provinces of Pakistan, three provinces have strongly condemned this controversial project and passed resolutions in provincial assemblies against KalaBagh Dam. They all believe that KalaBagh Dam is just a BIG BROTHER SYNDROME, many of you are familiar with.

In recent past, these disagreements and disputes on KalaBagh Dam were scaled up to threats, for FEDERATION OF PAKISTAN, and this controversy becomes, one of the major issues of inter-provincial politics in Pakistan.

Focusing this never-ending controversy of KalaBagh Dam, I am going to make a documentary film and, named it, The DAM-AGE story of Pakistan. This documentary film would be the story of 32 years, of political warfare, for Kalabagh Dam.

Which covers, the national and international interest, Country’s long puzzled energy crises. Power politics and pressure groups. Water distribution history among provinces. Flood history and its management. Provincial and ethnic cards. The river dependent Livelihood. Climate Change and Environmental Impact. People living at tail, the delta story. And, about the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, who have honored this river, as the ALMIGHTY GODDESS, from the ancient times.

This documentary film is a synopsis of long struggle, of sponsors, supporters and dissenters of KalaBagh Dam, Covering Expert Opinions, Political Interests, Seasonal floods and surplus water statistics, Possible displacement of population packets, Water distribution treaties & practices, Royalty matters & natural resources, Analysis of acclaimed outcomes, and prolonged hypothetical theories, which were created through mass media.

Courtesy: Indiegogo
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Palejo leads QAT and Sindhyani Tehreek rally against KBD in Badin


BADIN: Hundreds of workers belonging to the Qaumi Awami Tehreek (QAT) and the Sindhyani Tehreek, led by QAT chief Rasool Bux Palejo, on Sunday gathered in Badin city to register their protest against the proposed construction of the Kalabagh Dam.

The rally comprising children and women, who were carrying party flags, placards and banners inscribed with slogans in favour of their demands, marched from Allahwala Chowk to Badin press club.

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Palejo addressed the charged workers and warned the PML-N-led federal government other leaders who favour the controversial mega water project termed the construction as a great conspiracy against the federation and the solidarity of the country.

He said that the Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan assemblies had rejected the project and the people of the three provinces would never allow the rulers to construct the dam.

The veteran politican alleged that some people want to create conflicts, which the country can not afford as it is already facing internal as well as external threats and problems.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh assemblies on Dec 12, 1988, Oct 6, 1994, and May 14, 1994, respectively, had passed unanimous resolutions against the construction of the dam.

Many people oppose the controversial Kalabagh Dam project over apprehension that it may render Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s land infertile and water logged, while many in Sindh and Balochistan express the fear that the dam could allow the upstream provinces to withdraw the waters from the reservoir through high-level tunnel outlets leaving the land in the two provinces barren.

Former chairman of Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) Shamsul Mulk, however, advocates the construction of bid dams over smaller ones saying, “small dams could meet the requirements of the local population and regions but big dams could accomplish the national requirements of electricity and irrigation.”

About the opposition to the Kalabagh dam, he has said the basic problem of the opponents was that they did not have correct information about it.

During a seminar held in November 2014, Mr Mulk had said that in the last 50 years China had constructed 22,000 dams, India over 6,000 dams and United States 7,500 dams in the last century.

“Pakistan can currently store water to meet needs of only 29 days. On the other hand India stores water to meet the need for next 200 days,” he said.

News courtesy; DAWN
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Focusing on an obsolete approach of energy generation

By Maria Soomro

Now a days , many so called experts have been laying stress on the building of dams as the solution to energy crisis.The stress has been seemingly laid on building Kalabag dam in order to generate more energy and increase agricultural productivity. Reality is different.The best experts in the science of Hydrology consider Building dams an obsolete approach towards controlling floods, energy generation and enhancing agricultural productivity.

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Enemies of Pakistan Still Itching to Build the Controversial Kalabagh Dam

Enemies of Sindh Still Itching to Build the Kalabagh Dam

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

Now that 18th amendment is place and the federal legislature can void any provincial laws even those that cover the jurisdiction of provincial government, several enemies of Sindh are merging together to re-create the menace of the Kalabagh dam. The short article below from one of the most unpatriotic web sites that wants to destroy Pakistan by pursuing centralist agenda an usurpation of provincial autonomy should serve a wake-up call for Sindhis.

The PPP leaders must realize that they better resist from falling into trap by taking a neutral stand on the Kalabagh dam.

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