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Destruction Of Indus Delta As A Result Of Dams On Rivers In Pakistan

ذرا اس تباہی کو بھی دیکھ لیں

Sea incursion and intrusion has inundated & destroyed large areas of land in coastal areas of Thatho and Badin districts of Sindh. Historically prosperous indigenous people have become the poorest. They have lost their source of livelihood & many have been forced to leave their abode.

Indus Deltta jee tabaahi pahinjay akhhyun saan ddiso
انڊس ڊيلٽا جي تباهي پنهنجي اکين سان ڏسو

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Indus River: Water Scarcity And The Conflict Between Sindh And Punjab

The basic source of irrigation for Pakistan agriculture is the Indus River. Water resources are becoming shorter due to the irregular flow of water in the Indus River. To overcome the problem of water shortage and to meet the water demands of rising populations, the Punjab and the federal governments are in favor of constructing more dams in order to store the water which is being wasted otherwise. On the contrary, the Sindh holds the point that the construction of dams such as KBD and Bhasha dam would deprived them of their due shares from IBIS. There has been a distrust regarding water sharing between the two provinces.

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Enemies of Pakistan Still Itching to Build the Controversial Kalabagh Dam

Enemies of Sindh Still Itching to Build the Kalabagh Dam

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

Now that 18th amendment is place and the federal legislature can void any provincial laws even those that cover the jurisdiction of provincial government, several enemies of Sindh are merging together to re-create the menace of the Kalabagh dam. The short article below from one of the most unpatriotic web sites that wants to destroy Pakistan by pursuing centralist agenda an usurpation of provincial autonomy should serve a wake-up call for Sindhis.

The PPP leaders must realize that they better resist from falling into trap by taking a neutral stand on the Kalabagh dam.

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