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Kalabagh dam : they want to control the water of Sindh for Punjab


By: M. Khan Sial, Karachi

Some of our friends belonging to Punjab are bent upon proving that havoc brought out by recent surplus flood water in the country, could have been averted if the controversial Kalabagh dam in Punjab existed and release of fresh water in sea to check sea intrusion is wastage. This is technically wrong contention as nowhere in the world surplus flood water are deposited in normal dams like Kalabagh due to their technicalities. Further, if any effort is made to control sudden spate of flood water, it did not succeed as spate of high flood water washed out the whole dam. Further superb floods come after 22 years in Pakistan. If we presume the water of flood is absorbed in proposed Kalabagh dam, should we wait for 22 years to fill the dam after spending billions of rupees on its construction and maintenance?

Further, the experts in various seminars have expressed their views that site of controversial Kalabagh dam is in earthquake zone and also underground range of salt mines existed there. Since some people want to control the water of Sindh for Punjab, they are trying to spread misinformation. Sometimes, they call it release of water in sea as wastage despite in the 74 deltas of the world, fresh water is released to push sea water back. It is very unfortunate pro-Kalabagh dam lobby belonging to Punjab, are claiming they are only well-wishers of rest three provinces and also of the country whereas people of three provinces are not well wishers of their own provinces or country.

What hypocrisy! Such people are unable to tell why they remained mum on untimely demise of Indus delta? Why “Water Accord – 1991” after its signing on it and passing 19 years, was not implemented in letter and spirit? Internationally recognised IUCN has recommended release of 35MAF water downstream Kotri but mighty Punjab is not allowing this resulting in mass migration in the area and ruination of eco-system, increase of poverty and dangerous sea intrusion.

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Kalabagh dam or Kala Naang dam!?

By: Khalid Hashmani

I suspect that this new re-packaging of Kala Bagh dam may be another drama of  foes of Pakistan . The purpose may be to simply re-direct attention away from other issues and/or scoring points.  Nevertheless, the issue of the Kala Bag dam is of such a paramount importance to Sindh that we cannot afford to ignore any thing related to this Kala Nang dam, whose consequence would simply be to end of the country. ….

Foes of Pakistan are bent upon retaining the power and bringing back the subject of Kala Bagh dam will do nothing but galvanize people of Sindh, Pakhtoonkhwah,  and Baluchistan to aggressively oppose it. I also believe that most people of Punjab (except few thousand civilian and military landowners, who will be the primary beneficiary of Kala Bagh dam) consider the Kala Bagh dam to be a divisive issue that is taking a brutal toll of harmony and unity in the country.

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