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Sedition Case against JSQM leaders and activists

Hyderabad: According to reports, Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) leaders Dr. Niaz Kalani, Dr. Dodo Mehri of SUP, Akash Malah, Gafar Chandio, Mustafa Panhwar, Fakir Najeeb, Qurban Mahar, JuRial Shah, Niaz Jaffery, Raja Qureshi, and Sajad along with 150 activists have been charged with sedition case. Cantonment police Hyderabad has allegedly logged FIR- 104/09, under clauses 153, 123-B, 147, 148, that the JSQM leadership had made an anti-state protest. JSQM vowed that they were only protesting peacefully against the illegal influx of immigrants to Sindh and illegal refugee camps in Sindh and they will not be intimidated by such acts and they will continue their struggle.

May 22, 2009