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Sindhi Film for International Film Festival – Be proud to be a Sindhi

You would be glad to know that the feature film “PYAR KARE DIS‘ would be showcased on 15th Oct’09 at Indore in Global Cinema festival in the regional film category (Sindhi). The festival is being organised by Film Federation Of India in collaboration with the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The Film PYAR KARE DIS is based on the theme of Power of love. The film is produced by an NRI Sindhi Mr. M. Harwani who provided a platform to make a good Sindhi cinema. PYAR KARE DIS is directed by Kamal D. Nathani who has been into direction for more than 2 decades. His first Hindi feature film “THE HOPE” was also internationally acclaimed at various festivals including Emden Festival, Germany, MAMI International Film Festival etc.

Its a great achievement for the Sindhi community as a whole to note that World renowned ghazal master Jagjit Singh has sung a devotional Sindhi song for the first time in his life for this feature film. Famous singers like Shaan, Roop Kumar Rathore and Richa Sharma have also sung sindhi songs for the first time in their careers.

PYAR KARE DIS has been made just like any other film. Cine star Preeti Jhangiani sizzles in a special dance sequence and climax of the film PYAR KARE DIS. The film has been shot on picturesque locales of Saputara and other outdoor locations apart from the various film studios of Mumbai.

It is my humble request to pass this information to as many Sindhis as possible as this is a matter of pride and a great milestone for Sindhi community in the 60 years of independence. This will also give an opportunity to the Sindhi community in INDORE and adjoining places to go and view the film PYAR KARE DIS at INOX THEATRE ON 15TH OCT AT 2.15 P.M.