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Two Nations Theory: From its cradle to the grave

Iqbal Tareen delivers keynote speech at the first Anniversary of Shaheed Bashir Khan Qureshi held in New York on April 6, 2013. This event was hosted by Sindhi Academic and Cultural Association of North America.

Topics covered:

1. Two Nations Theory: From its cradle to the grave

2. GM Syed and Pakistan Resolution in 1938-40 – intent to create United Nations of Pakistan

3. Jinnah’s arguments refuted

4. Individual and national freedoms

5. Empowerment of women a must to free a nation

6. Nation of Sindh defined

7. An inclusive vision of new Nation of Sindh

8. Separation of State and religion – a must for progressive and tolerant national transformation

Ticking bomb of self-destruction!

by: Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC

The issue of rising tide of Islamic extremism in Punjab requires more attention than it has received especially with respect to the role of Pakistan Muslim League (N), which claims to be a mainstream political party. More than anything else, the very existence of PML (N) will become irrelevant if it failed to differentiate itself from other religious parties in the country. Majority of the people of Pakistan do not want to see state policing Islam in their living rooms and bedrooms. Absolute majority of Pakistanis have rejected and will continue rejecting religion as a system of dictates. They cherish it as a moral support system and inspiration for social and cultural value system.

I am not being overly critical of Shariff brothers but I can’t ignore the fact that the birth of their political careers has been an absolute blessing of Zia’s era. It has been very hard for PML (N) leadership to cut their ideological umbilical cord with Zia’s extreme religious ideology. I have yet to hear from Shariff brothers denouncing their association with Zia or declaring his Taliban style rule in Pakistan as insane.

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Book review – Harvest Will Come (New Book by Iqbal Tareen)

A new book by an American of Sindhi-Pakistani origin is published. The book contains selected articles, correspondence and speeches of Mr. Tareen, who is a noted human rights, and political rights activist.  Mr. Tareen is former President of Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) and founder President of Jeeay Sindh Students Federation (JSSF) (1960-70s). Mr. Tareen is current president of Washington based civic group called “Forum for Democracy and Justice in Pakistan” The book contains Mr. Tareen’s vision for Pakistan and Sindh, socio-economic and Political challenges that country and province face.

It also contains correspondence between him and Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, his few letters to US administration including Secretary of State, Chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee and now VP Joe Biden, his speeches to different protest demonstration outside White House on democracy issues in Pakistan. The Book also reflects on his association with politicians of Sindh late GM Syed and Rasool Bux Palijo.

Book provides Writer’s excellent reflections on Sindh and his vision under several articles such as :

1. Sindh on the Threshold of 21th Century,

2. Sindh in the Eye of Terror,

3. Sindh Vision 2020,

4. US Sindhis Demand equity in Indus Commission,

5. 11 Guardians of Indus,

6. Chauvinism lurking out of Punjab,

7. Sindh is mother of Pakistan,

8. Government warned against division of Sindh

And the master piece of the book is valuable, thoughtful and beautiful article “Harvest will come” the title of the book, which is an excellent & refreshing analysis of change in modern history specially since 1820 to latest, how world has moved forward over the years, and writer believes “No matter how hard they try they cannot deny you dreams and hope. They might have stolen the day but tomorrow belongs to you.

Have faith, the harvest will come.

The Book is useful for those who have interest in Sindh’s Political issues, democracy in Pakistan and its American connections, also how does enlightened Pakistani Diaspora thinks of its own country.

For Contact Author Iqbal Tareen at iqbal.tareen@gmail.com

Punjab holds effectual power in Pakistan through its regional armed forces

by: Iqbal Tareen, USA

Punjab holds effectual power in Pakistan through its regional armed forces. Its power can’t be diluted by simply dividing it into multiple provinces. As a matter of fact all current provinces of Pakistan are factual provinces of Punjab. It will require a total sea change the way Punjab treats its smaller stakeholders in Pakistan. Instead of creating provinces, it will have to relinquish its quenchless desire of domination. It must begin sharing power by providing right to self-governance and ownership of resources to smaller provinces….