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February 21- The International Mother Language Day Mother Language Day

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Today, the world is observing International Mother Language Day. The tradition for recognition of the importance of mother languages is founded in the struggle of Bangladeshis, who fought for the right to be taught and use their mother language in their home land. They not only won that right but are now have full say in shaping their destiny. However, the struggle of Sindhi people for the full restoration of their mother language in their own homeland still continues. In spite of laws duly passed by the Sindh legislature, a large section of people, particularly those who migrated to Sindh in the last few decades and living in Karachi and Hyderabad are denied the right to learn the language of their new home land.
On this International Mother Day proclaimed by UNESCO, I urge the Government of Sindh to take immediate steps to ensure that Sindhi language is taught in every school of Sindh and vigorously promoted as the official language of the province.