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Destruction Of Indus Delta As A Result Of Dams On Rivers In Pakistan

ذرا اس تباہی کو بھی دیکھ لیں

Sea incursion and intrusion has inundated & destroyed large areas of land in coastal areas of Thatho and Badin districts of Sindh. Historically prosperous indigenous people have become the poorest. They have lost their source of livelihood & many have been forced to leave their abode.

Indus Deltta jee tabaahi pahinjay akhhyun saan ddiso
انڊس ڊيلٽا جي تباهي پنهنجي اکين سان ڏسو

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Whole World is involved in a Fraud with Sindh – Death of Indus delta in Pakistan

A once fertile and lush green Indus delta in Sindh Province of Pakistan has shrunk to just 10% of its original area of about six hundred thousand hectares. Construction of barrages and canals over the years and now the change in climatic patterns have rendered it barren.


By Zofeen Ebrahim

Courtesy: IPS

KHARO CHAAN, Sindh, Feb 28, 2009 (IPS) – Sitting on a rickety bench outside the dispensary of Dr. Abdul Jalil at Deh Bublo, Issa Mallah, a centenarian, watches the world go by. He says he comes to this ‘city’ everyday to buy his groceries.

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Call to rehabilitate Indus

by Zaheer Ahmed Qureshi, Qasimabad, Hyderabad
Courtesy: Daily Dawn,  31.1.2009
The decision to constitute rehabilitation and revival commission for restoreing Indus delta as reported “Call to establish Indus rehabilitation body” (January 20) though much belated; when damage caused is already immeasurable, yet as the maxim goes ‘better late then never’, if implemented, without fear and favor can still bring back one of the great river systems of the world to its original shape.

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