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Our religion is Peace and Love

peaceby Nisar Solanki
The writer can be reached at nisarsolanki@yahoo.com
Sindhis are ONE and only ONE.  Our religion is Peace and Love ” Sindhiyat“. Media is powerful source to preserve and propagate language and culture.
We have seven Sindhi TV channels now, in India viewer ship of Sindhi channels is increasing. Young generation of Indian Sindhis now seeing Sindhi dramas, songs, movies and other magazine programs of Sindhi TVs. Indian Sindhis are very ahead in education/business/TV dramas, movies & songs. Sindhi TV has need to get Sindhi programs from India. (original Sindhi drama & Sindhi movies) Sindhi intelegensia gave many Sindhi programs/ songs to Sindhi media. We should persuade Sindhi TV channel to get more & more Sindhi programs from Indian Sindhis in original Sindhi language not translated or dubbed.