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Serious signs!

Fruity breathe (like nail polish remover) smell, can be a serious sign that you have diabetes and your blood sugar level is very high. If it isn’t control properly, coma or death will follow you. If you breathe smells (like urine or ammonia) then it may be the sign of kidney failure, diabetes or hypertension. If you breath smells (like fishy) then it may be the sign of kidney failure. Treatment: Visit doctor + blood tests to confirm.

Eat Right

The most immediate benefit from adopting a healthy diet is that it can lower blood pressure.
For people with hypertension, the low-sodium food (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet- which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, low-fat diary and high-fiber grains-can reduce blood pressure as effectively as taking an anti-hypertension drug.
In addition, the extra calcium in the diet could help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The fiber in the fruits, vegetables and grains can help control blood-glucose levels in many Type 2 diabetics and even lower the need for medication. Over the long term, healthy diet may help diminish the risk of some types of cancer. “It’s a diet for all diseases,” says Doctors