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India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban


Narendra Modi is clamping down on tolerance and freedom of expression. In Britain we have a responsibility to speak out against it

The Hindu god Vishnu has several incarnations, many of them human. The latest of these appears to be Narendra Modi. All over India there are images of the man, right arm raised in the benevolent gesture of good fortune. But this strong-but-enlightened-man image hides the frightening and shrill reality of an increasingly Modi-led Hindu dominance of India.

The country’s openness to social and religious minorities (more than 500 million people) and regional differences is at serious risk. Of late, Modi’s regime has effectively tolerated – if not encouraged – a saffron-clad army of Hindu activists who monitor and violently discipline those suspected of eating beef, disobeying caste rules or betraying the “Hindu nation”.

In the UK, people might perhaps be familiar with India’s cricket prowess, atrocities in Kashmir or the recent horrific rape cases. But beyond that, many of us choose not to know. India’s global image now mimics China’s – a rising global economic power with attractive trade and investment opportunities. As a result, business trumps human rights, with little concern, especially on the part of David Cameron’s government, for the rising wave of Hindu tyranny.

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‘Hindu Taliban’ Strikes Terror In Mangalore!

Mangalore: A fanatical Hindu right-wing group notorious for creating communa tensions and indulging in moral policing a la Taliban, has struck again in Karnataka, this time assaulting women at a bar in Mangallore. The activists of Sri Rama Sena entered the Amnesia Bar an Restaurant on Dr. Shivaram Karanth Road on Saturday evening and threatened the women sitting inside. The men, who took objection to women pushed them outside, many women falling to the ground while they were being driven out. .. The incident is an attempt to Talibanise India. There is no place for these kinds of acts in India as it is a  democracy, India’s Women and Child minister Renuka Chowdhury said, adding the BJP leaders should condemn the incident. The minister also said it was time for chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa to the culprits.