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Serious signs!

Fruity breathe (like nail polish remover) smell, can be a serious sign that you have diabetes and your blood sugar level is very high. If it isn’t control properly, coma or death will follow you. If you breathe smells (like urine or ammonia) then it may be the sign of kidney failure, diabetes or hypertension. If you breath smells (like fishy) then it may be the sign of kidney failure. Treatment: Visit doctor + blood tests to confirm.

Heart Attack and Triglycerides

Triglycerides are the fats circlating through in your blood. Having high triglyceride levels raises your risk of heart attack. Exercise regularly, eat raw leafy green and colourful vegitables and fruits and B- vitamins and vitaminc C. Lemons are good source of vitamins. Reduce consuming sugar and sugar products, fried potatos, rice and corn products. By lowering the triglycerides, you are lowering your risk of heart attack.