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CANADA – Nurses’ strike creates confusion for Halifax-area patients


Patients scheduled for surgery in the Capital District Health Authority are scrambling to learn if their procedures will go ahead after thousands of nurses started an illegal strike Tuesday morning.

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Sex with animals, yes or no?

Job polygraph ‘not fair’
HALIFAX- Nova Scotia’s former privacy watchdog says Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly should put an end to invasive polygraph testing of applications for jobs with the city. “It is just not fair,” said Darce Fardy, who retired in 2006 as the province’s freedom of information and protection of privacy review officer. “I have heard it discussed and I think people are taken by surprise that there are so many personal questions on these tests.
Conducting review- The Halifax Regional Municipality is conducting a review of the way it uses lie detectors to screen applicants for certain jobs. The mayor called for the review after a local newspaper quoted a job applicant saying she was humiliated by questions during a recent polygraph test, including one asking whether she had sex with animals.
The women, who asked not be identified, was applying for an information technology job. She said she didn’t get it. Fardy said he wonders why intimate questions are being asked when the basic function of a polygraph test is to find out if the person taking the test is being truthful. The municipality says it requires police officers, firefighters, bylaw officers, animal control workers and anyone applying for a civilian job on the police force take a polygraph test- The Canadian Press
Courtesy and Thanks: Toronto Sun News, Wednesday, November 12, 2008