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Balochistan: A student leader abducted and four bodies of disappeared persons are found

PAKISTAN: A student leader abducted and four bodies of disappeared persons are found

Case: AHRC-UAC-032-2011 – The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a student leader from Balochistan was abducted from the check post of the Frontier Corps in Quetta while he was returning from an interview for internship at Pakistan Telecommunications, a public sector company. In the campaign of killings of disappeared persons four more bodies of disappeared were found with bullet and torture marks. No a day goes by in Balochistan province without agitation and ‘shutter-down’ strikes in protest of killings and abductions allegedly by the law enforcement agencies. …

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“When They Go, They Leave Their Fragrance Behind”

By Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Extremely shocked and grieved to learn about the sad demise of a wonderful, courageous, brilliant and extraordinary son of Mother Sindh, Haleem Brohi.

Personally, I did meet him few times and we had great ‘kutchehries.’ ‘But, he was more near to my brother Zahid Makhdoom, who always made a point to bring Haleem Brohi to our house at Hyderabad as well a Karachi for some discussions! I was extremely enamoured by his humour and forthright straight forwardness.

Halim Brohi was a prolific writer, an innovator and inventor, who was always thinking about bringing changes in our society! Whether it be the language and literature, he was always out there in the forefront in a different way! He will certainly be missed by not just his family and friends, but, by each and every person of our society.

Yes, when such remarkable souls depart, they certainly leave their exuberance behind and surely, leave their fragrance with those left behind!

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Alas! Haleem Brohi

Written by Aijaz Sindhi

We are deeply grieved to learn that one of the most prolific multi dimensional Sindhi writers, Haleem Brohi passed away on Wednesday, in Hyderabad. He was a lawyer, a playwright, a humorist, a columnist, and a very unique critic in Sindhi language and literature. He was famous for his thorny humor and bold critique. …

Haleem Brohi had written hundreds of short stories, and columns, and published several books. He had briefly worked for University of Sindh as well, but due to his cut-throat straight forward personality, and telling truth on the face, he could not adjust into a typical red tape, and bureaucratic atmosphere.

He was passionate about seeing Sindhis breaking out the clutches of feudal lords, and corrupt politicians, and never minced words to say what was on his mind. He was a very good friend, and a compassionate human being. I had a privilege to have close relationship with him during my stay in Hyderabad in early seventies. He was my mentor, my friend, my advisor, and a regular contributor and staff member in my monthly magazine, Sindhi Publications.

During his last days it was said that he had lost a lot of memories, but never lost a touch of humor. I was honored to visit him in 2007, at his home in Hyderabad. He was very frail, and weak, but resented the idea that people think he was a weaker Haleem Brohi now. …

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Noted Sindhi humor writer, & a pioneer of Roman-Sindhi script Haleem Brohi passes away

“A giant” of Sindhi language well-known writer and thinker Haleem Brohi has passed away on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 @ 4 pm in Hyderabad, Sindh. Haleem Brohi has great contribution in Sindhi humor, Sindhi novel and in a way journalist, a real columnist of Sindhi and English language. He was a pioneer of Roman-Sindhi Script named “Haleem Brohi Jee Roman Sindhee.”