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Would the Chief Secretary and the Chief Minister of Sindh redress the financial problems of Sindh Government retired Sasso officers as they are not being paid their monthly pensions in time. When approached the concerned Section officer of Sindh Agriculture department, he responded rudely that State Bank of Pakistan does not release them the funds and if any further inquiry or reason is asked, he usually stop talking and putting the receiver of the phone to avoid any further inquiry. Secondly, the annual increment as allowed by the Government to their other serving and retired employees, has still not allowed Sasso officers such annual increments. We shall be highly grateful if our financial problems are solved being the retired and senior citizens of Sindh Pakistan.

Ghulam Hussain Qureshi, Retired officer of Sasso, Old Halla – Sindh

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Sindh demonstrates traditional religious harmony

Sunnis as well as Hindus in Sindh, as they have done for centuries, joined the Shia minority in their mourning processions.. the same has held true for Hindu and traditional Sindhi festivals. Centuries old reports observe how entire cities participated in celebrations such as Holi and Ddiyaarii.. one 17th century observer noted that Thatto was closed for days for Holi celebrations.

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Sindh demonstrates traditional religious harmony

By Jan Khaskheli, Karachi

People in Sindh have again shown sectarian harmony, a tradition set by their elders hundreds of years ago, taking out Muharram processions together. In all big and small cities and towns of rural Sindh, including Hyderabad, Sukkur and Khairpur, processions have been staged peacefully through marked routes.

People are keeping a close eye on any attempt to create sectarianism in the holy month of Muharram. They say that there is no visible security threat in their areas during the Ashura processions and Majalis. It is an old tradition that people of each sect visit major mosques of their villages and towns for Eid prayers while on the occasion of Ashura they gather at Imambargahs.

There are many Imambargahs in Hyderabad, Khairpur and small towns like Hala New, Matiari and Sehwan. Some of them are as old as 150 years, and hundreds of people from neighbouring areas come there to attend Majalis and take part processions, and take Niaz (food).

In Sehwan, the shrine of Qalandar Lal Shabaz is one of the most attractive places for visitors. It is on this shrine that processions from all neighbouring towns converge on Muharram 8 travel to join a big procession through fixed routes. As far as security is concerned, people say it is the government that makes such arrangements, otherwise people join the processions without any fear.

People give credit of this to Sufi saints, who played a key role in the region in teaching them to avoid spreading hatred rather and to promote peace and love. …

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Save Sindh – Save continent

New Political Movement Launched in Sindh
Disgruntled PPP leaders and ex-nationalists form a new group “Save Sindh Movement”
Monday April 27, 2009
A group of around 100 people led by Former nationalist leader Shah Mohammad Shah and former PPP MNA Syed Qurban Ali Shah have formed a new group called “Save Sindh Movement” on 11-point Agenda.

The Movement was launched at residence of Shah Mohammad Shah near Hala, District Matiyari. “The group aims to seek a consensus documents (similar to Charter of Democracy) on the rights of Sindh by political forces in province and launch a movement.” Said Syed Imdad Shah, who hosted the gathering of mostly middle class former political activists.
The Vision: The 11-Point Agenda
New social contract among federating units on the basis of 1940 Lahore Resolution.
·Provincial autonomy leaving just three subjects with federal government which includes: Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Currency.
·Water distribution under 1945 agreement
·No dam and canal would be accepted on Indus River
·Seeking right ownership on natural resources of Sindh
·Earnings of Karachi ports handed over to Sindh, not to federal government
·Sindh should have right to trade with all other countries
·Sindh should have its own militia
·Declaring Sindhi language as only national and official language
·All those people who have come in province of Sindh after 1954 should not have right to purchase property and no right to vote
·All the lands of Sindh which were given in prize to non-sindhis should be taken back distributed among landless peasants.
And pledged to seek cultural, economic and political freedom along with complete autonomy for province.
A two member organizing committee was formed; Mr. Shah Mohammad Shah would be convener of it.
Among the notables who attended the reception were Syed Qurban Ali Shah (former MNA of both PPP and PML N, at once was associated with Nisar Memon’s ‘The Reformers’ civic group), Idris Chandio, Younus Baloch, Agha Zafar Shaheen (who recently held a Jirgha of Sindhi, Pashto and Urdu speaking Pashtoon’s Shikarpur’s small city ‘Sultan Kot’), Dr. Manzoor Khattak, Fida Ahmad Lund, Dr. Hyder Malkani, Dr. Badar Channa, Dr. Qamar Rajpar, Ismail Wasan (former student leader) Rahmatullah Hisbani, Mir Amanullah Talpur (former political activists at once associated with Awam Tahreek), barrister Yasir Shah, Gaush Bux Khasekheli, Azeem Nizamani, Niaz Nizamani, Younus Maher, Sardar Ayaz Memon (oh so memons too have become Sardars now…cool), Abdul Hakim Nizamani and others participated.
(Source: Sindhi daily Kawish)
Background Note:
Shah Mohammad Shah: He is the main person behind this new initiative, he has been former student leader associated with Jeay Sindh Student Federation, which believed in independence of Sindh from Pakistan. Latter on Mr. Shah joined Pakistan National Party led by Baloch leader Bizenjo in 1980s. In 1990s Mr. Shah joined PML N. In late 1990s he joined PPP. But in 2008 elections he developed differences with PPP for not awarding election contest ticket so he parted ways with PPP. He is originally from Matiyari but lives in Karachi.
Syed Qurban Ali Shah: He is thrice elected member of National Assembly, hails from Mirpur Khas. Has history of changing parties. He was in PPP in 1980s, left it and joined PML N, and rejoined PPP and became MNA in 2003. Between 1999-02 he was active member of The Reformer, a civic body of sindh’s elite led by Nisar Memon who latter joined Musharraf’s military government as information minister and then joined Pro-army Q League.
Mr. Shah is very eloquent speaker, has sound understanding of socio-political, water and agricultural and resource distribution issues of province. He was eminent parliamentarian and one who used to frequently come on television talk shows raise point of view of Sindh.
This is something a new initiative, this is probably a Post-PPP (which caused Post-BB) scenario in Sindh.