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Cyber-warriors —Haider Nizamani

Courtesy: The News

by: Haider Nizamani, Canada

The late Edward Said, the eloquent and incorrigible voice of Palestinians on the world stage, had fundamental disagreements with Yasser Arafat but I haven’t come across one sentence where he turned it into personal mud-slinging.

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Nehru: an out of fashion icon

By Haider Nizamani, Canada

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Sunday, May 18, 2008

JAWAHARLAL Nehru’s record of remaining elected prime minister for 17 consecutive years is yet to be matched by any other leader of South Asia. As prime minister and leader of the Congress party, Nehru left his indelible mark on India’s political system and economic and foreign policies. He died while serving as India’s prime minister 44 years ago on May 28. But Nehru is politically a little out of fashion these days in India.

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