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Book Review- Karachi: Marvi of Sindh

Today I have come across a wonderful book on Karachi’s history entitled “Karachi: Marvi of Sindh”, it contains valuable articles, maps and photographs about Karachi. Book is in Sindhi written by an indigenous Sindhi writer Gul Hassan Kalmati, who is a resident of Gadap Town, Karachi’s oldest area. The Book tells the story of Karachi, its expansion and development (or De-development), historic roots of its residences, The book is a great below to those who consider Karachi the city of immigrants from India. This is one of the authentic source on modern history of the city. Though the book focuses on post-British and post independence period of history but it does through light on Arab-era history. Some of the pertinent issues discussed in historical context are:

1. History and roots of Karachi
2. Roots of Sindhi community in City
3. Administrative structures
4. Demarcation of districts, towns and municipal committees
5. Local Government system from President, Mayor to Nazim
6. Historic Census reports 1941-onwards
7. Bio-graphical sketches of city famous people
8. Historical existence of local Sindhi/Baloch communities and their villages
9. Migration to city
The 636 pages long book tells story of Karachi by an indeginious resident.
Idea of sharing this information with you all is that some time we look for information, let this be in your notice that we do have one reliable source on Karachi.
See attached photographs, scanned from the book.
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