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“Forum For Rights, Justice & Peace” launched in Sindh

Members of civil society, writers, journalists & social activists of Sindh launched a “Forum For Rights, Justice & Peace.” In a meeting of civil society activists, writers, journalists & social activists of Sindh at INDUS HOTEL Hyderabad “Forum For Rights, Justice & Peace”(FRJP) have been launched. Following office bearers were elected. 1 Dr. Gulzar Ali Jumani, President. 2 Abdul Wahab Munshey, Senior Vice President. 3 Dr.Agha Taj, Vice President. 4 Haji Mohd Shafi Khatari,Vice President. 5 Mukhtair Ali Abbasi,General Sectary. 6 Maqsood Ahmed Memon, Deputy General Sectary. 7 Ghulam Hyder Babal, joint Sectary. 8 Prof: Shahabubddin Mughal, Press Sectary. 9 Ramesh Kumar Ghupta, Cultural Sectary. 10 Aijaz Shaikh, Office Sectary. 11 Dr. Shams Siddique, Treasurer.

The main working Focus of Forum will be: (1) Peace (2) Justices (3) Education (4) Health (5) Freedom Of Media.