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Disturbing news for Sindh

Controversial dams, drainage schemes and canals in Budget 2009-10

by Zulfiqar Halepoto, Secretary, SDF

It is very disappointing to note that all anti-Sindh water sector development projects including controversial dams, drainage schemes and canals are included in the coming Federal Budget 2009-10 under PPP regimn, who claimed to be the champion of just and right case of the lower riparian Sindh on water.

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Sindhis: Orphans in Karachi

by Isahq Tunio

I feel sense of deprivation, isolation and helplessness in Sindh and no legal protection to Sindhi families in Karachi from federal and Sindh governments. I watched KTN and Sindh TV news and shocked to watch the video of Mehran Town Killings in Karachi. In armed attack on Sindhi villagers by terrorist (city community police/ known terrorists and town nazim) two people have been killed , hundreds of families have been displaced relatives were unable to collect the bodies for 6 hours due to continuous firing. Police and Rangers are not taking any action. Police raided houses of Sindhis in different villages and took licensed/ legal weapons from them.

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No PPP-PML-N coalition please. Both must play their due, constructive role

azizby Aziz Narejo, TX, USA
About a year back it could have been desirable to see PPP and PML-N form coalition governments in Islamabad and Lahore to stop military intervention in civilian affairs, strengthen democracy and steer the country out of the troubled waters.

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by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh
With reference to a news item appeared in some local news paper regarding 13 ministries are working without Secretaries.In this regard it is added that during the Marshall Law rule of the Government of Pakistan, nothing constitutionally is observed in the field of recrimtments, promotions postings and placements in all the ministries, divisions and departments of the Faderal Government for the people of smaller provinces.In order to remove sense of deprivation and heart burnings from the minds of people of Pakistan, in all the ministries and departments working under the Federal Governmnet of Pakistan, ratio of Provincial Constitutional quota may be observed in recruitments, people from smaller provinces may preferably be selected as it has sorrowfully been observed that no provincial quota has been maintained in the past years and therefore no provincial representation is available in many departments, sections and offices of various ministries and divisions of federal Government.