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Banladesh awards G. M. Sayed for voicing Bangladesh

Sindh – Karachi : Bangladesh’s government has decided to confer Bangladesh National Award to Sindh nationalist leader late G. M. Sayed, late Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizinjo from Balochistan, [the poet of Sindhi language, Late Sheikh Ayaz from Sindh, who strongly opposed the military operation and as a president of Sukkur Bar Association he passed a resolution against the brutal military operation and genocide of Bangalis due to it he put behind the bars. During his imprisonment (May 1971 to January 1972)  in Sukkur Jail, he wrote his “Jail Diary”. He had also  behind the bars from 1965 to 1968 due to his revolutionary poetry in military dictator Ayoub Khan era . In later years it  becomes a piece of Sindhi revolutionary literature.],   Baadshah Khan, Abdus Samad Achakzai, Khair Bakhsh Marri, Ahmad Saleem, Tahira Muzhar, Zafar Malik and Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan are among the 40 Pakistanis who were chosen for the award.

G. M. Sayed was the first leader in west Pakistan who had dare to strongly condemned and opposed the genocide of Bangladeshis in 1970 by Pakistani security forces during darkest times of dictatorship. The authoritarian authorities of that time decided to give punishment to G. M. Sayed, therefore,  they put G. M. Sayed under house arrest and his house was declared a sub-jail. He had been detained without trial until his death. He was declared “Prisoner of Conscience” by Amnesty International.

G.M. Syed mainly advocated for non-violence, democracy, secularism (Separation of religion from the state), national self-determination, unity among all south Asian nations and states, social and economic equality for all. Long live the struggle of Saeen G. M. Syed for the religious harmony, unity among all south Asian nations and states towards universal peace.

Now Bangladesh selected G.M. Sayed and several other individuals from various countries to award them with its highest civilian decoration.‎

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The mote in our eyes, the wool in our ears – Ayaz Amir

Excerpt :-

… But to the fair, politicians can also be their own worst enemies. Look at the furore over fake degrees, which amounts to the manufacturing of a wholly unnecessary crisis, as if there weren’t enough real problems meriting our attention.

Fake degrees was an issue which should have been addressed at the time of Musharraf’s assemblies. He allowed an entire army of maulvis to contest the 2002 elections knowing that the academic-cum-religious degrees with which they were armed were little better than the paper they were written on. Even otherwise a cottage industry sprang up to cater to the needs of budding legislators in need of false degrees.

This issue was brought before the higher courts but they sat on it and passed no judgment. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry became CJ (at Musharraf’s hands, let us not forget) way back in 2006. Shouldn’t he have woken up to this mischief then? One reason why the holy fathers of the Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal stayed in line for much of Musharraf’s tenure was because of this particular skeleton rattling in their cupboards. ..

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